Picture this: You’re attempting to follow a YouTube beauty tutorial on your phone while simultaneously looking in the bathroom mirror. Or, you’re trying to get ready with only overhead lighting to illuminate your handiwork. Or, you want to listen to a podcast while in the bathroom, but you keep your Alexa or Google Home in the living room. In all of these situations, a smart mirror could have really enhanced your overall experience.

Smart mirrors are undeniably a luxury item, something that’s really very nice to have but isn’t quite necessary. If you’re intrigued by the concept, we’ve researched four of the best smart mirrors for you. These smart mirrors boast such features as integrated media players for watching videos or listening to music, as well as access to all your favorite apps to streamline your mindful morning or evening routine. Many also have adjustable LED light displays, fitness features, and can be linked up to other equipment you already own, such as your smartphone, baby cam, or home security system.

1. Hilo

Best For | Bathrooms
Features | Multicolor LED lights, speakers, bluetooth, smart home control, home security, apps, internet browsing, XL version available
Prices Starting At | $889

Hilo carries two smart mirrors: the Light, a round mirror ideal for bathrooms (it’s waterproof and anti-fog BTW!), and the XL, a rectangular option that’s perfect for bedrooms or home gyms. The brand knows that good lighting makes all the difference when it comes to feeling confident about your reflection, so both mirrors are equipped with multicolor LED lights that dim and brighten to your liking. You can use most of your favorite apps and streaming services straight from the mirror — kind of like a giant tablet — as well as connect many of your other devices to the mirror via Bluetooth or USB. Because the Hilo is an investment piece, we also really appreciate their 30-day trial period policy, which means you can always return it if you don’t feel you’re getting the most out of this product. The brand ships to the U.S. and Canada, and their monthly payment plan is currently only available for Canadian residents.

2. ArtForma

Best For | Personalization
Features | Smartphone-compatible, media player, optional LED light, apps, baby cam, various shapes and sizes available
Prices Starting At | $1,094

ArtForma’s smart mirrors have the distinct advantage of offering you exactly what you’re looking for: Choose between Apple, Google, or Samsung operating systems, then choose your favorite shape, size, LED color, frame color, plus optional accessories, to make sure you get exactly the smart mirror that suits your needs and your home. Like all smart mirrors, these ones allow you to use all of the apps you might want, including your basic calendars and weather apps, all the way through to baby cam and home security software. You can also use your ArtForma mirror to stream music and video while you bathe, work out, or get ready for your day. The brand offers free delivery via UPS or DHL, and delivery outside of the U.S. can be arranged. Payment plans are not available at this time.

3. Aquadom

Best For | Working out
Features | LED, TV and video, music, shopping, pre-installed apps, “Image” model features touch-adjustable light and touch screen display
Prices Starting At | $1,500

Aquadom’s smart mirrors come in three broad categories: the IMAGE, which is designed for bathrooms and for getting ready; the VISION, which is essentially an enhanced version of the IMAGE, with an ultra-slim frame, a built-in TV, and a defogger; and the ENERGY, which is specifically designed as a fitness mirror for creating a DIY home gym and comes preloaded with workout classes. The IMAGE and VISION mirrors come with Netflix, Youtube, Spotify, ESPN, and Amazon pre-installed, and allow you access to everything you might need for your day ahead, such as your calendar, news, and weather. The ENERGY allows access to all sorts of fitness apps, helps you build a fitness plan, and allows you to check your posture while you work out. Aquadom offers free delivery in the United States and does not currently offer payment plans.

4. Castello

Best For | Lighting
Features | Voice-activated light display
Prices Starting At | $1,349

Castello’s smart mirrors are different from the other models on our list: They don’t come with various apps, internet browsing, or media players. Instead, they focus squarely on perfecting the concept of a mirror with integrated lighting, so you can choose between soft, ambient lighting for those bubble bath moments, or bright white light for plucking those stubborn but tiny eyebrow hairs, with light dimming and color options. Also, these mirrors are voice-activated so you can feel ever-so-slightly like you live in Cameron Diaz’s house from The Holiday. Castello offers worldwide shipping and has no payment plans advertised at this time.

Featured image is from Aquadom

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