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Resistance bands have long been commonplace in a physical therapy setting (seriously, since the mid-1800s!) — and their value for everyday exercise and strength training is unparalleled. They’re safe, easy to use, and ideal for a variety of uses in exercise, stretching, and recovery. You might picture resistance bands as flat, wide rubber or latex loops but, nowadays, they vary in thickness, strength, size, and materials, with many made of elastic tubing with interchangeable handles and anchors. While some remain uber-simple, others are advanced enough that they can take the place of Pilates reformers and full-on weight sets. Many newer options also have smart features and accessories that can enhance your workout. With a minimal footprint, resistance bands are extremely portable, making them perfect for travelers and space-challenged city dwellers alike.

What are the benefits of using resistance bands?

Resistance bands are safe, efficient, and easy to use, making them beneficial for any level of fitness from strength training beginners to those already engaged in a consistent gym routine. When used correctly, resistance bands create tension that forces users to engage more of their muscles, which increases exercise intensity and strengthens muscles and bones without cumbersome weight sets. The regular use of resistance bands not only offers overall strength training but hones in on our stabilizing muscles, protecting our joints from constant stress and reducing the risk of joint injuries and degenerative conditions. 

Resistance bands are also great for use while recovering from injury – offering a way to strength train that targets isolated parts of the body and allows for varying levels of resistance as you build back up your strength. For those who want to up their routine, smart resistance bands can offer real-time feedback, tracking, and even form correction thanks to integrated technology that allows band users to track movement dynamics and consistency. Many smart bands also offer access to apps for resistance band workout inspiration.

Our criteria:

Our editors have used and reviewed the best health and wellness products out there — these are our picks for resistance bands that are durable, effective, and include smart features. All of the options on this list meet the criteria below, and we regularly update this piece with emerging favorites.

  • MADE TO LAST | All of the equipment featured on this list is made well with high-quality materials that will last for workouts to come. We’ve noted where there are additional warranties and guarantees.
  • EFFECTIVE | These resistance bands are geared towards super effective workouts so you can be sure you’re doing the most with your routine.
  • SMART FEATURES | Many of the options on this list are equipped with smart technology that gives you even more benefits and insight into your workouts.

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1. Bodylastics

Small business

Best For | Beginners
Features | Buildable set, anchoring accessories, access to workout library
Prices Starting At | $36

Bodylastic’s Max Tension System is perfect for those new to resistance training. We recommend starting with this 5-band set and layering the bands for maximum effect as you build strength. Max Tension is made of a patented inner cord that minimizes overstretching and snapping (yikes!). This set features 12 components, including five resistance bands of varying weights ranging from 3–19 pounds, which can be “stacked” to offer up to 96 pounds. It also offers wide-grip handles and ankle straps, a door anchor, and a carry bag for storage and portability. You’ll also gain access to the Bodylastics workout library.

Customer Review | “These are so easy to use and I don’t have to worry about the bands snapping back at me should they break. Each one is marked with a weight and you can combine them to get stronger and move to the next higher weight. They also come with a lot of accessories. Handles, over the door straps, straps you can wrap around a post, etc. Each band has a strong clip at each end to attach to the accessory. I am 70, and they will help me stay strong and fit for a very long time.” – KD (Read more reviews.)


Integrates with other apps and devices
Warranty offered

Best For | Athletes and advanced strength training
Features | Real-time metrics, anchoring accessories, access to workout library
Prices Starting At | $249

HYGEAR’s Gear 1 portable smart resistance training system works with patented adjusters designed to increase and decrease the length of the bands. This allows you to customize your exercise needs within a range of 22–44 lbs. This system’s advanced technology isn’t just great for intense strength and conditioning, it can be helpful for older users and rehab purposes also. This set is pricey but comes with a host of extras, including both door and self-anchoring options, durable rubber handles, ankle straps, and a USB cable, which charges the system for 60 hours so you can access tracking data. The HYGEAR app also offers users unlimited real-time metrics tracking, a daily health routine program, and hundreds of studio workouts and exercise demos. Upgrading to a premium membership gives access to even more features. Plus, Gear 1 is durable enough for use inside or outdoors so you can get some fresh air, too.

3. Theraband

Plastic free

Best For | Recovery 
Features | Simple, durable design
Prices Starting At | $55

Theraband has been a leader in the resistance band scene for years and is trusted by many clinicians for physical therapy. With Theraband’s High Resistance system, you can order individual band strengths — and we recommend ordering the set of four, which includes Light, Medium, Heavy, and X-Heavy, spanning 15–50 lbs. Theraband resistance bands are made from durable, natural latex rubber to withstand even the most intense workouts. This system is ideal for full-body workouts, assisted pull-ups, Pilates, targeted stretching, and toning exercises.

Customer Review | “These bands are awesome and surprisingly strong and sturdy. I’m using these for knee and shoulder rehab. They can also be used to work out. I’m happy about the quality!” (Read more reviews.)


Warranty offered
Integrates with other apps and devices

Best For | Immersive workouts
Features | Real-time feedback, access to workout library, 2-year warranty, 30-day trial
Prices Starting At | $129 for Medium package

The German-made STRAFFR Band uses Bluetooth to connect the band to a smartphone app for a super smart workout. This band comes in two options: Medium (beginner) and strong — offering 5–15kgs and 15–25kgs, respectively. The different strength bands can be purchased separately, but you’ll get both with their Pro Package option. This has lightning-speed charge capability and is fully charged within one hour for up to 24 hours of battery life. STRAFFR’s band has been tested by experts and comes with free access to the IOS or Android-compatible app, which provides resistance training inspo and 100s of exercises led by STRAFFR Pro athletes. You can also connect the STRAFFR Band to your TV via WiFi or HDMI for a large format and immersive workout. This system is also great when multiple people in your house are using it, as you can create as many user profiles as you want and easily toggle between them without losing data.

Customer Review | “Super thing. Super motivating. I will definitely recommend it to others.” – Heidi (Read more reviews.)

5. TRX

Budget friendly
Plastic free

Best For | TRX training system
Features | Free trial access to TRX app
Prices Starting At | $23

TRX is a common brand name in the exercise world, and TRX exercise bands and sets live up to the hype. You can choose simple TRX bands from their Bandit collection for a more affordable option, with useful loops that hook around knees, wrists, or feet. Or go for a more complex system with their suspension trainers which hook over your door or outdoor fence for a full-scale TRX workout at home. Anyone who’s done a TRX workout at a studio knows how fun and challenging their suspension method is — so we highly recommend this for anyone looking to build out a sustainable at-home resistance routine. Plus, TRX bands come with a 30-day free trial of the TRX app.

Customer Review | “My trainer asked me if I had any exercise bands for our session & I only had 1 band that wasn’t very strong. I ordered this set from TRX & they are just what I needed to get a complete workout with my trainer.” – Nancy K (Read more reviews.)

6. LIT Method

Warranty offered
Integrates with other apps and devices

Best For | Form correction
Features | Cordless and chargeless smart sensors, 5-year warranty, 30-day guarantee
Prices Starting At | $199

The LIT Method AXIS system is unique — it’s a multifunctional smart band that doesn’t need electricity or charging to give users real-time feedback. Built-in sensors in this smart system track reps and the number of pounds lifted to show progress, but they can also ping and correct any form imbalances which is so helpful for at-home workouts. The LIT Method makers designed their AXIS bands to replace Pilates reformers, cable systems, free weights, and suspension trainers. LIT offers a 5-year warranty on accessories and a lifetime warranty on the AXIS sensors when you maintain an active membership. They guarantee results with consistent use after 30 days, or you’ll get your money back. AXIS does not require an anchor so it can be used anywhere. And we love that this system is offered in various colors including cherry, midnight, and white. 

Customer Review | “I bought this system after my gym increased my prices and I’m so happy I did. I love all the trainers and the metrics keep me motivated to try and get better each day! Super easy to setup!” – Kira S (Read more reviews.)

7. BC Strength

Warranty offered
Budget friendly

Best For | Booty strength and leg toning
Features | Size-inclusive, multiple strengths, 90-day warranty
Prices Starting At | $20 

The BC Strength Glute Loop is part of reputable personal trainer Bret Contreras’s power-packed lineup. This one loop can be used in multiple exercises for superior leg, hip, and glute strength and development. This band comes in two sizes, S/M and L/XL, and has three different strengths: Regular, Strong, and Extra Strong. If you are looking to invest in just one loop to add to the lineup, BC says the S/M size in regular strength is suitable and effective for the majority of people. (Go  with the L/XL if you have wider upper legs!) The Glute Loop is made of elasticated grippy fabric that makes it comfortable and keeps it in place, and BC offers a 90-day warranty on this band. 

Customer Review | “Exactly what I wanted. Stays in place unlike other brands. Great resistance. Definitely recommend.” – Lisa (Read more reviews.)

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