I’ve been working remotely for the better part of the last two decades. As a freelance writer with three kids born in the span of two years, I was moving more than I was sitting those first few years as a working mom. Most of what I wrote during that time was typed on my laptop at the kitchen counter while I was standing up rocking a baby, drafted on my phone while I was pushing them on swings at the park, or hastily completed in a few hour’s time after they went to bed with the efficiency only a busy working mother can really understand. 

Once my kids started school, I found myself moving less and sitting more. Somehow when my kids were gone for longer hours of the day, I was actually less productive and less healthy feeling at work. I needed to move while I was working.

“In our increasingly remote and sedentary work culture, staying active is more important than ever.”

In our increasingly remote and sedentary work culture, staying active is more important than ever. While the common adage, “sitting is the new smoking,” may be a bit of an exaggeration, prolonged sitting has been linked to various health issues, from obesity to heart disease. 

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution that can significantly improve your health: standing and walking desks. Research conducted by the Mayo Clinic and the British Journal of Sports Medicine has demonstrated that using a standing desk or incorporating walking breaks throughout the day can counteract the negative effects of prolonged sitting. According to the journal Preventive Medicine, treadmill desks have the potential to reduce sedentariness at work while reducing workplace stress and improving your mood. 

Under-desk treadmills (also sometimes called walking pads) are usually designed for walking, but some can also accommodate slow jogging, only not at the high speeds as standard treadmills. Before choosing an under-desk treadmill, consider how much room you have available, whether you need to be concerned with how much noise your treadmill makes, as well as stability and max weight capacity. And find the best angle for you — some viral TikTok walking workouts suggest that you should walk at an incline, but most foldable desk treadmills don’t offer that feature.  

Read on for the five best treadmill desks of 2024.

1. WalkingPad

Best For | Storing it away when not in use
Features | Foldable, shock absorption and noise reduction features, color options available, one-year warranty, free shipping
Max Speed | 3.72 mph
Max Weight Capacity | 220 lbs 
Prices Starting At | $499
Also Available At | Amazon, Walmart

If your TikTok algorithm is anything at all like mine, then you’ve probably seen dozens of videos of the WalkingPad from KingSmith. The WalkingPad is ideal for anyone who already has a standing desk they like and just needs a treadmill. This BYOD (Bring Your Own Desk) treadmill has a sleek and compact design that’s ideal for smaller home offices since it’s foldable and weighs just over 60 pounds. If you don’t already have a desk, KingSmith also offers an adjustable desk that you can use with the WalkingPad. The treadmill comes in various colors, including Barbie pink. For more details, check out our review of the WalkingPad.

2. InMovement

Best For | Cubicles
Features | Small space design, free shipping, auto shut-off, lifetime warranty for frame, three-year warranty for motor, two-year warranty for parts
Max Speed | 3.72 mph
Max Weight Capacity | 400 lbs
Prices Starting At | $2,495

The InMovement Unsit treadmill fits under standing desks that have at least 40″ of space between the legs, and can be purchased with or without the compatible desk. While the Unsit doesn’t fold up, it’s shorter and wider and boasts more usable walking space, making it more comfortable for longer walking/working times, and is great for people with large desks that have more than one monitor. The Unsit is specifically engineered for max efficiency at 2 mph or less, which is what makes it more durable and also quieter than other treadmills that operate at higher speeds. (It measured at 42.9dB at ear level on hard floors, which is just under the noise of a refrigerator.) The InMovement also supports more weight than many of the other popular under-desk treadmills, although it weighs 162 lbs — if you want a treadmill that you can move easily, you might prefer others on this list.

3. LifeSpan GlowUp

Best For | A quiet treadmill desk
Features | Integrated step counting, 10-year warranty on frame, free shipping to continental US
Max Speed | 4.0 mph
Max Weight Capacity | 350 lbs
Prices Starting At | $1,499
Also Available At | Amazon, Walmart

LifeSpan is a trusted brand known for its durable treadmill desks and under-desk bikes, if that’s more your style. The LifeSpan GlowUP is the brand’s under-desk treadmill that comes fully assembled, and features six impact-absorbing shocks for durability and noise reduction. LifeSpan offers a choice between what it calls a Retro Console that shows distance traveled, calories burned, walking time, and step count, or an Omni Console that shows time, date, speed, distance, exercise time, calories, steps, and a workout summary. This treadmill weighs 117 lbs, but has wheels for easy moving if you want to swap it out for a chair.  

4. Sunny Health & Fitness

Best For | Easy storage
Features | Optional moving arm exercise additions, three-year warranty on frame, free shipping, financing options with Affirm
Max Speed | 3.75 mph
Max Weight Capacity | 220 lbs.
Prices Starting At | $369
Also Available At | Target, Dick’s Sporting Goods

The Sunny Health & Fitness Treadpad is an affordable option that doesn’t sacrifice quality. It’s foldable and compact so you can easily fit it under a couch when not in use. The unit also features a 14”x5” LCD monitor to track your progress. With a speed range of 0.5–3.75 mph, Sunny’s treadmill is designed for walking and light jogging, and you can adjust the speed with the included remote control. It’s the lightest treadmill on this list at just over 55 lbs, and also features rollers to help you move it out of the way if you choose to sit at your desk. Easy peasy!

5. Goplus

Best For | If you run and walk
Features | Folds flat, quiet motor, three-month warranty, free and fast shipping
Max Speed | 7.5 mph (when in running mode)
Max Weight Capacity | 265 lbs
Prices Starting At | $280
Also Available At | Amazon, Walmart

The Goplus under-desk treadmill promises a robust steel frame for stability, adjustable height, and a spacious workspace. The quiet motor ensures minimal noise and two speeds allow you to use the treadmill to walk or to run, and the treadmill weighs just under 70 lbs for easier storage. The running area on the belt is a little larger than some other treadmills (40″x16″), so users with longer strides are less likely to fall off. The Goplus also offers an LED that displays time, speed, distance, and calories, plus Bluetooth speakers that let you play music or other audio from your phone. Plus, the unit comes in six different colors (including champagne)!

Featured image is from Lifespan