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Consistent strength training — sometimes called resistance training — offers undeniable health benefits and is an essential part of a well-rounded fitness routine. This is especially true for women. In fact, women stand to gain more benefits from regular strength training than men. One study found women who did strength training saw a greater reduced risk of cardiovascular-related deaths — a 30% reduced risk, compared to 11% for men. Another study found that women engaging in strength training experienced a reduced rate of type 2 diabetes compared to women who didn’t.

But, not all of us are “gym people.” Strength training usually brings to mind weight machines, dumbbells, and all the things a traditional gym environment offers. While that comes with a side of healthy social interaction and motivation, trekking to the local health club can be time-consuming, intimidating, or impossible for some of us — not to mention, expensive.

Modern home gym options offer flexibility and convenience for a variety of budgets and spaces. Home gym equipment and accompanying apps also provide customized support through intelligent technology that takes real-time metrics and connects users with expert guidance on proper form and technique, allowing you to meet and exceed fitness goals and avoid injury right in the comfort of your own home.

Our criteria:

Our editors have researched dozens of brands and vetted hundreds of customer reviews to select the best home gyms on the market. These are our picks that are easy to set up, offer continued support and real-time metrics, and work well for women at a variety of price points. We regularly update this list with emerging favorites that meet the below criteria.

Suitable for women | We’ve chosen options for muscle strengthening using a variety of weights and exercise techniques, suitable for women at any stage of life.
Ease of use | The home gyms below are simple to set up and offer continued support across their lifetime.
Size | We’ve included various options to fit in any space from apartments to large home gyms.
Affordability | We’ve selected a variety of gyms so that you can find something within your price range.

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1. Pvolve

Best For | Ages 40–60
Features | Affordable, low impact, easy to store, no plug-in required
Price | $199 for Signature 3 pieces of equipment, one month of streaming. $625 for the Total Transformation 13 pieces of equipment, 12 months of streaming.

Backed by aging-well advocate Jennifer Aniston and developed by entrepreneur Rachel Katzman, the affordable Pvolve system is designed to help women sculpt and strengthen while simultaneously improving posture, balance, and range of motion. The Pvolve Method, which includes its patented equipment, was developed by a clinical advisory board and expert trainers, emphasizing “functional fitness” and proper biomechanics. The goal is to achieve better results in less time and with less stress on your body. Hence, the method works all major and surrounding muscles simultaneously. The low-impact nature of the Pvolve system makes it great for women of all ages and fitness levels but ideal for those in the 40 to 60-year-old range. Women who participated in a 12-week clinical trial with four weeks of regular use of the Pvolve equipment were said to have significant improvement in strength, flexibility, and energy. The Pvolve streaming program offers over a thousand on-demand classes and a live virtual studio to keep users challenged and engaged. 

Customer Review | “I am completely in love with the Pvolve program and equipment. I have only been using this for about 2 weeks and I can already tell a huge difference. I was doing yoga and cardio 5 days a week before this for years, but Pvolve is doing such a better job already! Feeling strong and more flexible.” – A (Read more reviews.)

2. Tempo Move Lite Trainer

Best For | Small spaces
Features | AI-powered training, real-time guidance
Price | $597 for equipment and 12 months of unlimited training 

Although there are several ways to customize your Tempo home gym setup, we recommend the Tempo Move Lite for those using a bedroom or living room for their workouts. Think of a compact discrete gym combined with artificial intelligence to offer custom personal training. The Move Lite features a stylish weight storage cabinet, color-coded dumbells and weight plates, weight collars, and an iOS-compatible docking station that connects you to the Tempo AI system. Need guidance on form and technique? The Tempo AI tracks your joint movements through your iPhone camera and also logs the weight you use to train. All Tempo workouts are Tempo’s app that gears your workout to meet your needs based on a personal “daily readiness” score to work within your limits and give you the best workout possible on any day. Say you went out the day before, or the baby kept you up all night, Tempo will keep it light. Wake up in rockstar condition? Tempo will up the intensity and make you work hard! Even the rest and recovery workouts include rep counting, weight recognition and recommendations, range of motion tracking, and heart rate monitor compatibility. A single Tempo membership can host up to six accounts and provides more than 3,000 guided workouts. 

Customer Review | “This is the perfect setup for someone like me that does not have a lot of space for a home gym.. It sits in the corner by the TV and is hardly noticeable. I would highly recommend to anyone that is looking to get started out. High quality components, and the content is great.” – DK (Read more reviews.)

3. Tonal 

Best For | Adaptive strength training
Features | High-tech, baseline assessment, 30-day in-home trial
Price | $3,995 base purchase plus $495 for the accessory bundle. A one-year membership is required at $59/mo.

Tonal is an all-in-one whole-body home gym sans cumbersome weights or extra accessories. The Tonal offers 245 moves with up to 200 pounds of adaptive weight in a compact piece of high-tech equipment that mounts to the wall. The Tonal touchscreen gives you access to classes, updates your workout stats, and provides strength training, yoga, HIIT, cardio, and mobility workouts depending on your mood. Users of the Tonal system will start with a strength assessment to establish a baseline. From there, the Tonal system sets the optimal settings for each person. It adapts during your workout to guarantee you are getting an optimal workout. Sensors ensure you are using the proper form and offer spotting when needed. With a Tonal purchase, you must sign up for a year’s membership — which includes thousands of workouts, including whole body, pre- and post-natal specific workouts, and live classes all led by expert coaches. While the base model comes ready to use, adding the intelligent accessory bundle, which includes handles, a bar, rope, a bench, and a roller, will allow you to get the most out of the system. Tonal provides a 30-day in-home trial and a 2-year warranty, and they deliver and set up your machine for you.

Customer Review | “I feel so much better and stronger in a short amount of time with Tonal…the coaching is a key value to getting the most from your workouts.” (Read more reviews.)

4. Oxefit XS1

Best For | High-intensity training
Features | Unique cardio options, AI-powered analytics, foldable base
Price | $3,999 for equipment with three accessory package options from $999.00–$1,999.00 and flex membership at $39 per month

The Oxefit XS1 comes in at our guide’s most expensive home gym but delivers when meeting comprehensive strength training goals. The XS1 is comprised of a patented platform plate that houses innovative AI analytics that provides feedback so you get the most out of your workout and avoid injury. The XS1 plate uses dual motors to provide up to 250 pounds of tension and measures balance and center of pressure. In addition to providing access to more than 280 strength exercises, if you go with the most advanced option of software for your XS1, you’ll have six options for unique gym-based cardio, which include rowing, canoeing, kayaking, paddling, surfing-swimming, and cross-country skiing. Another standout of the Oxefit XS1 is the ability to do digital pilates. You can reduce the XS1’s footprint for storage thanks to a folding base that does not require any wall mount. The OxefitXS1 Peak Membership offers advanced training modes. All purchases include a three-year warranty, white glove delivery, and setup.

Customer Review | “This is a one-of-a-kind home gym with next-generation analytics. User friendly and manages all aspects of your workout…” – HE  (Read more reviews.)

5. TUT Trainer Microgym

Best For | Resistance training
Features | Patented resistance bands, easy on joints, portable, 1-year warranty
Price | $999

The TUT Trainer Microgym offers strength and cardio training using Time Under Tension (TUT). The TUT workout method is used by professional athletes and is said to be better for joints and safer than free weights. It burns more calories without the pressure on joints and tendons. The TUT trainer is made of patented stackable resistance band-based TUT Plates in 2, 5,10,20, 40-pound increments instead of metal weights. The varying resistance up to 200 of the TUT Plates works every muscle by increasing or decreasing loads throughout the entire length of a rep. The TUT Trainer is highly portable, weighs less than 12 pounds, and requires a footprint of less than two square feet. Take the microgym anywhere, as it can be folded into three pieces for storage and transport. It’s so portable you can temporarily install it on any spare wall or post — indoors or out. TUT also offers a TUT Training App with more than 300 exercises and OnDemand Workout Classes. The TUT Trainer has a one-year warranty, but the company recommends that users replace band plates every two years.

Customer Review | “I love how the TUT Trainer fits in my basement. It takes up zero space and I get such a great workout.” – AH  (Read more reviews.)

6. Spediance Gym Pal

Best For | Beginners
Features | Free lifetime membership, spotter assistance
Price | $1,699

The Spediance Gym Pal is a small but mighty “smart” platform that includes a ton of bells and whistles, including a Bluetooth ring for real-time metrics, handles, ankle straps, tricep rope, and adjustable barbell and bench. A dual motor system allows separate control of the weight on each side of the platform, providing stable resistance output and an option for you and your partner or friend to get a workout together. The Gym Pal system offers a weight capacity of up to 220 pounds, which can be adjusted in small increments of one pound starting at a minimum weight of five pounds — good if you are just starting out or desire a low-weight, high-rep workout. GymPal users can take advantage of four dynamic weight modes, which include eccentric, chains, standard, and constant (a great option when rehabbing), and an option for spotter assistance to help you bang out those last few reps. A Spediance membership with your Gym Pal will give you access to more than 100 professional workouts, a movement library, customizable workout programs, personalized training plans, strength assessments, and AI-powered recommendations. The Gym Pal has longevity, too, as the motor is designed to have a service life of 10,000 hours (2 hours a day means this system will last up to 13 years).

Customer Review | “I’m loving the Gym Pal. Most people have the Monster, but I’m finally learning to use the PAL to my advantage. The app is top-notch and easy to understand. The equipment is top notch so far. I just wish more people used or posted on the Gym Pal!!” -AW  (Read more reviews.)

7. MAXPRO SC Portable Cable Machine

Best For | Portability
Features | Operates on battery, helpful accessories
Price | $1,199 with options to add accessories like a foldable bench

The MAXPRO SC Portable Cable Machine focuses on concentric movements. It contains a patented power clutch system with cables said to be stronger than steel and houses 50 resistance settings ranging from five to 300 pounds. MaxPro’s cable system delivers workouts in the form of resistance, strength, HIIT, plyometrics, suspension stretching, and cardio. MaxPro requires no setup, is compact, portable (weighing less than 10 pounds), and folds for storage. Connect the MAXPRO to your smartphone and gain the ability to track workouts, monitor progress, and set fitness goals. As of this guide, the machine currently has a free coaching app and one month of a free premium version. Like other cable systems, it is recommended users replace cables every one and a half to two years, depending on how often they use them. This requires a battery but comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is fully charged in 40 minutes and, once fully charged, can last up to 2 months. A purchase of a MAXPRO SC is a 3-piece quick connect long bar, a set of workout handles, a set of ankle/wrist straps, a door mount system, and a USB Charger.

Customer Review | “I recently had knee surgery and getting back into exercising has been very difficult during my recovery. this thing is AMAZING and makes wanting to exercise so easy. The cables resistance works very well, and really does give a great workout, Working out is so much more convenient with the MAXPRO. I lack the time to exercise or go to the gym due to working full time and doing school, and I can get a good exercise in within 15-20 minutes. There really isn’t much you can’t do on the MAXPRO!!” – KD (Read more reviews.)

Featured image by Tempo Move Lite