Want to save gas and get exercise by biking more? An electric bike is the perfect place to start. They help you travel much greater distances than traditional bikes so you can replace short car rides with more eco-friendly bike trips, or commute to work without breaking a sweat. Plus, they’re just plain fun.

But with all the options on the market, it’s hard to know what to look for. Our favorites below are all suitable for first-timers, with approachable prices and adequate space for carrying cargo, and are comfortable and easy to handle so you’ll actually want to replace that drive to the store with a bike ride. Below, you’ll find some of our top picks for e-bikes for women — but first, some tips on shopping and riding e-bikes.

What to look for in an e-bike

If you’re in the market for an e-bike, you’ll have almost too many choices — so here, we’re breaking down a few of them. 

Traditionally, womens’ bikes have step-through frames, meaning you don’t have to step over a high top bar to mount the bike, so they work great with skirts or other restrictive clothing. Since the below bikes are best for commuting and running errands, all include options for step-through frames — but note that these kinds of bikes are typically heavier to give them more support. Step-over frames are lighter and great for rougher terrain, so some women opt for this design instead! 

Some e-bikes let you ride without pedaling using the throttle, motorcycle-style, while others have pedal assist to help you go much further — but you still have to continuously pedal. This option is all about personal preference, and we’ve featured bikes that offer either option (or both!).

When checking out the motor and battery specs, it’s a numbers game. The higher a motor’s wattage, the bigger boost you’ll get. And the higher a battery’s watt-hours (Wh), the longer you’ll get per charge. Pretty simple. Note that a full e-bike charge takes roughly 500 watts, which is about the equivalent of running a ceiling fan for 60 hours, and they can be charged at any standard indoor 110V outlet.

E-bike regulations to consider

While most states don’t require e-bike insurance, protection is still a great idea. Your e-bike might be covered under your homeowners or renters insurance, so check with your provider to see how much it’ll cost you to cover your e-bike against theft or damage — it’s probably worth it.

“Your e-bike might be covered under your homeowners or renters insurance, so check with your provider.”

And before you purchase an e-bike, check your state’s licensing laws. Most don’t require a license and registration for an e-bike, but a few do, like Alabama, Alaska, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Mexico, Wisconsin, and North Dakota — find more details about e-bike laws by state at peopleforbikes.org. While you’re checking on that, double-check helmet laws, too, and remember it’s always best practice to wear a helmet while riding any kind of bike. Check out these other e-bike safety tips and remember to brush up on your local biking laws, like how to share the road and obey traffic signals.

Read on for our top picks for women’s e-bikes.

1. Blix

Best For | Commuter bikes with a clean, trendy look
Features | Lots of cargo carrying options, brake indicators, throttles 
Charge Radius | 45 miles per single battery
Bike Weight Starting At | 70+ lbs
Prices Starting At | $1,899

Blix makes six electric bike models, designed for different types of cargo, commuting, or leisure travel. They aim to craft high-quality e-bikes that combine comfort, style, and functionality at price points under $2000 (and they offer financing with Klarna). Their Aveny commuter bike is an everyday e-bike with a comfortable upright riding position, lots of cargo capability on both the front and rear, and a 48V battery with a 45-mile range. If carrying cargo and passengers is your priority, their Packa cargo bike offers a whopping 1,350w of peak output for carrying heavier loads up hills, and its dual battery system means you get up to 80 miles of range while carrying cargo or a passenger on the back. Both bikes have front and rear LED lights, brake indicators, and an easy gear shifter.

2. Rad Power Bikes

Best For | Customization
Features | Hydraulic brakes, free shipping, 1-year warranty 
Charge Radius | 45 miles
Bike Weight Starting At | 65 lbs
Prices Starting At | $1,499

As North America’s largest e-bike maker, Rad Power Bikes carries a variety of e-bikes at a range of price points, all with different specialties, starting at $1,499 with free shipping. Backed by 15 years of innovation, they’re one of the leaders in the electric bike space, with hundreds of thousands of dedicated riders. They sell electric fat tire bikes great for off-roading, city bikes with a high step that’ll help you get to work without breaking a sweat, utility bikes with low step-throughs that allow you to carry cargo, a passenger, or even your morning coffee, and even folding e-bikes. Their e-bikes have pedal assist, meaning there’s no throttle but you can choose how much power the battery gives you while pedaling. You can even customize your own e-bike, choosing the style, color, step-through, and accessories.

3. Specialized

Best For | Comfort and beginners
Features | Large tires, front and rear lights 
Charge Radius | 62 miles
Bike Weight Starting At | 62 lbs
Prices Starting At | $3,250

Since 1974, Specialized has built bikes for riders, by riders. They offer a range of e-bikes in different prices, but their basic Como model is perfect for beginners or folks looking to just cruise. With three different sizes, the bike’s integrated battery is designed for ease of use and comfort, so you can ride to happy hour, to the beach, to work, or to go grocery shopping with confidence and control. It’s lightweight in case you need to carry it up steps, and its long-range battery means it can run for up to 62 miles. The company is focused on sustainable production, maximizing recycling, and minimizing waste. They offer payment plans for the Como through Klarna starting at $84/month, and Specialized makes other e-bikes geared more towards experts, too, and even one for kids. 

4. Aventon

Best For | Both leisure and speed (depending on your mood)
Features | Backlit LED display, torque sensor, 28 mph top speed 
Charge Radius | 60 miles
Bike Weight Starting At | 62 lbs
Prices Starting At | $1,799

Aventon sells commuter, fat tire, cargo, and cruiser e-bikes to match whatever you need — but we recommend their step-through commuter bike for riding around town both for fun and for errands. It comes in white or pink, a smaller or larger size (depending on your height), and has a 60-mile range, a 300-pound capacity. The bike weighs 62 pounds and can hit top speeds of up to 28 MPH. Balancing comfort and convenience, the bike has a torque sensor that meets your speed and then amplifies your pedaling efforts to maximize efficiency and extend your range — but it also has a throttle for the days when that’s more your speed. Aventon offers a two-year warranty on all e-bikes and financing with Affirm starting at $154 per month. 

5. Retrospec

Best For | Affordability
Features | 6 petal assistance levels, wide tires, throttle 
Charge Radius | 35 miles
Bike Weight Starting At | 72 lbs
Prices Starting At | $1,299

Retrospec is on a mission to make the outdoors more accessible — everyone can benefit from time spent in nature, but not everyone can bike for miles and miles through hilly terrain. “We want our gear to build more love for nature and get more people outside,” says their site. To that end, they make a suite of comfortable, affordable e-bikes that help you cruise around the city, to the beach, or through more rugged terrain, hitting top speeds of 20 MPH. Their Chatham Rev+ Electric Step-Through Beach Cruiser Bike gives you the best of both worlds with both pedal assist and a throttle, an upright riding position, wide tires, attractive color options, and a powerful motor for wherever the day takes you — and it starts at just $46 per month when you finance through Affirm. Not sold on a particular model? Their 30-second e-bike quiz helps you determine the right bike for you.

6. Gazelle

Best For | Lightweight, city bikes
Features | Excellent maneuverability, easy to ride, high-performance fenders 
Charge Radius | 55-65 miles
Bike Weight Starting At | 47 lbs
Prices Starting At | $1,499

Since 1892, Gazelle has constructed high-quality, safe, and comfortable bikes in their Dutch factory — and their e-bikes, designed for a new era, are no exception. The company is inspired by the belief that cycling should be a part of daily life (the way they are in the Netherlands). Their pedal assist e-bikes come in a range of styles, seating positions, and power levels. Their basic, introductory e-bike, the Gazelle Medeo T9 City HMB, at 47 pounds, is the ideal lightweight, comfortable e-bike for running errands or commuting. It has room for all your cargo along with wide tires in case the terrain gets rough, and lots of power to get you where you need to go, whether you live in the city or the suburbs, getting up to 20 MPH. Gazelle’s site tells you exactly where you can find the bike you want at a location near you.

7. Cannondale

Best For | Rugged terrain
Features | Cargo space, thumb throttle, LED battery display 
Charge Radius | 47 miles
Bike Weight Starting At | 25+ lbs
Prices Starting At | $1,675

Cannondale has created high-tech, lightweight bikes since 1971. They make e-bikes for all terrain — city cruising, mountain biking, and road biking — but their standard Adventure Neo Allroad models are especially well-suited for bumpy roads. They come in both a step-through and a lighter weight step-over model, it has lots of cargo space on both the front and back, and it even has a water bottle rack mount. It’ll boost your speed to up to 20 miles per hour with pedal assist, helping you easily commute to work, go shopping, or take to the trails, and it has a thumb throttle, too. They offer financing via Affirm starting at $59 per month, and the site also shows you where you find the bike in person near you.

Featured image is from Gazelle

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