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While having an on-call masseuse is the dream (we’re dreaming big, okay?), a good massage gun can still work magic when dealing with sore muscles. Massage guns come with adjustable heads for use across your body, from in between your thumb and forefinger to your neck’s worst knots. In turn, these handy devices can relieve achy muscles, tackle lactic acid buildup, and provide everyday relaxation through the proven effects of percussive therapy.

Across the board, the highest quality massage guns range from 1500-3000+ RPM (aka a very high speed, unlike kneading) and can go as deep as 15mm into your skin. Conventional massage guns still work well, but typically not at the same caliber of power, intensity, and customization abilities as premium models do. The better the speed, stroke depth, and customization options available, the higher the price of the massage gun.

We’ve included a variety of high quality massage gun options, at different price points, that deliver the relief you need, no matter your budget. Below are five of our favorite choices — including affordable massage guns under $100, the “gold standard” of massage guns (literally), and even TSA-approved options for travel. Combine your massage gun with these red light therapy devices for even better muscle recovery. Less pain, more gain.

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1. Hyperice Hypervolt Go 2

Best For | Relief on the go
Features | 3 speeds of percussion, patented pressure sensor technology, sleek & lightweight, 3 hours of battery life, TSA approved, 2 interchangeable heads
Price | $129

The Hyperice Hypervolt Go is your go-to when on the move! This portable massage gun is small, powerful, and a Good Gear favorite. Not only does it offer two interchangeable flat and bullet heads, it’s extremely powerful and effective for its size, massaging muscles and relieving tension with a high-torque 40W motor. It’s also TSA-approved and super easy to travel with so you can melt away muscle knots on the go. Thank us later!

2. Theragun Mini (2nd Gen)

Best For | Portable recovery
Features | 3 speeds, ergonomic shape & grip, Bluetooth compatible, 120 min battery life, 3 interchangeable heads
Price | $199

The Theragun Mini (2nd Gen) takes the OG Theragun we all know and love to the next level. With an easy-to-use ergonomic shape and grip, this powerful mini massager is Theragun’s smallest and lightest yet. Create your own wellness routine to decrease muscle soreness and fatigue using the Therabody app which works in conjunction with this mini massager. It also has 3 attachments, a soft carrying case, and is eligible for purchase with FSA/HSA dollars. Need we say more? We did! Read our review of the Theragun Mini here.

3. Hyperice Hypervolt 2 Pro

Best For | Warm up and recovery
Features | 5 speeds of percussion, patented pressure sensor technology, 3 hours of battery life, Bluetooth compatible, TSA approved, 5 interchangeable heads
Price | $329

With 5 speeds, 5 interchangeable heads, and pressure sensor technology that shows exactly how much pressure is being applied when in use, it’s no wonder the Hyperice Hypervolt 2 Pro is the go-to massage gun for the professionals. Not only is it extremely powerful and effective at massaging muscles, it’s compatible with Bluetooth via the Hyperice app, which offers custom recommendations based on your body’s movement throughout the day. This is the kind of futuristic tech we’ve been waiting for.

4. Taotronics

Best For | Adjustable speeds
Features | Mini & regular sizes, various interchangeable heads, 10 adjustable speeds, 10 hours of battery life, 6 interchangeable heads
Price | $66–$80

Taotronics’ innovative products have devotees worldwide, including 10 million products sold across the USA, UK, Japan, and Germany. Editor-used and approved, we love Taotronics’ line of massage guns — they’re relatively affordable, come with fast and free shipping, and have guaranteed lifetime customer support. Whether you have chronic knots or need to relax after an intense workout at the gym, these quiet, adjustable, and durable massage guns will bring you relief in seconds.

5. Theragun Pro

Best For | Quality & efficacy
Features | Customizable speed range, ergonomic shape & grip, built-in routines via OLED screen, Bluetooth compatible, 150 min battery life, 6 interchangeable heads
Price | $599

Theragun is renowned for its line of massage guns, and it’s back with a new 5th gen Theragun Pro massage gun. So why is this massage gun often considered the best of the best? The Theragun Pro has a patented triangle ergonomic grip for easy use, a super-quiet motor for minimal disturbance, and an app for curated suggestions. Plus, Theragun products tout an industry-leading warranty, free shipping on all orders, and a 60-day trial — so you can see (and feel) why this massage gun is on every “Best Of” list.

Featured image by Hyperice