Welcome to Waking Up Well, a column where we hand-select people we admire and ask them to share how they start the day. We think morning routines are a crucial part of an intentional wellness journey and we’re fascinated by the practices of our favorite figures.

Molly Sims has a long and dazzling career. We watched as she rose to fame as a model and MTV host in the ‘90s and aughts, and since then, we’ve followed her success as an actor, producer, and founder of YSE Beauty. At 51, she’s sharing more than ever about her secrets for staying well and managing family life (with her hubby Scott Stuber) while balancing a big, public career. Her hard-won knowledge about wellness, style, and beauty comes from years in the industry, and we’re here for it! (We also love her Substack, which is a trove of tips, wisdom, and fun peeks behind the scenes!)

“Her hard-won knowledge about wellness, style, and beauty comes from years in the industry, and we’re here for it!”

We wanted to know how Molly manages to stay warm, down-to-earth, even silly, without ever compromising on how focused and pulled together she is as a businesswoman.

This is her morning routine — a mix of guilty pleasures and wellness hacks, with a dose of real life that makes her so fun to follow.

6:00am | Scroll first, detox later 📱

Since mornings at the Stuber household are always a whirlwind, especially with three young kids and juggling multiple work projects, I make sure my AM includes a nice mix of self-care and ensuring my family is taken care of, too. Sticking to a routine, especially on the weekdays, is key to being productive and setting myself up for success. This is crucial when I have a day packed with meetings and conversations that require my full attention!

Honestly, with three kids under 12, I don’t even need an alarm clock anymore. My body just knows to wake up at 6, even on weekends.

First thing I do? Grab my phone and scroll through Daily Mail — it’s my little guilty pleasure to stay up to date on all the juicy gossip. Then, I make a cup of Sarah Wragge Wellness Detoxifying Greens to help with digestion and boost immunity.

6:30am | Multitask for mental health 🏃‍♀️

Next, I head downstairs to the gym because it’s so important for me to get my body moving. Working out in the mornings is a must, not just for my body but also for my mental health.

My typical workout is a mix of cardio and reformer Pilates. Forma Pilates with Erika Rae is my absolute fave. And because I love to multitask, I wear the new YSE Beauty Overachiever Eye Patches during my workouts. They’re amazing — they don’t slip and stay in place the whole time.

7:15am | Skincare consistency 🧖‍♀️

Right before I make breakfast and lunch for the kids, I squeeze in a super quick skincare routine. One thing about me — no matter how busy I am, I’m always consistent with my skincare. It’s the only way to see real results.

I reach for my 4-step YSE Beauty morning routine, starting with the Take It Off Gel Oil Cleanser, followed by Your Favorite Ex Exfoliating Pads. Next up, I apply the MorningCocktail Vitamin C Serum, and to top it off, the Skin Glow SPF 30 Primer for that subtle sun-kissed glow. Nothing feels better than starting the day with a refreshed face.

7:30am | A simple set & brekkie 🍩

Then I throw on my favorite lounge outfit for drop-off. I usually switch between a cozy Jenni Kayne lounge set or a set from Perfect White Tee. After that, I head downstairs and make breakfast for my kids, which is usually either avocado toast or Abe’s mini muffins. Sometimes, if they’ve been extra good, I’ll do donuts for breakfast.

While making breakfast for them, I also put on a pot of coffee. My go-to forever has been adding cinnamon and a splash of Malk Almond Milk to my morning coffee. The cinnamon does wonders for improving cognitive function and boosting metabolism. Lastly, I make a blueberry protein smoothie with Truvani Vanilla Protein Powder and I’m ready to wrangle the kids out the door!

Thank you to Molly Sims for providing imagery for this piece.