Summary: Pvolve is proven to sculpt, strengthen, and support women in their daily lives. I found the Pvolve system to be very effective in easing pain and lending strength, flexibility, and balance to my daily movements. I especially loved that it gives you the feeling of an in-studio workout at home — thanks to minimal but useful equipment, introductory materials, and 1:1 meetings to help answer questions and perfect your form. It’s quickly become a central part of my routine!


  • Pvolve offers fun and challenging workouts where none of the movements last too long. I felt challenged by them, and sore the next day, without being depleted.
  • The system is built around optimizing for everyday life. All of my muscles and joints that get achy or tight were worked in this program, so it significantly improved the rest of my day.
  • Pvolve offers a ton of support in the form of beginner courses and contact with trainers so you get personalized attention and community at the level of an in-studio class.
  • I wanted to come back to Pvolve again and again — both because I loved the workouts and the quick results I saw. It’s definitely devotee-worthy. 
  • As a long-term investment in your health, the price is easy to justify.


  • Some of the movements might be slightly complicated, or cause muscle strain, for those who exercise less frequently. Take advantage of the introductory materials Pvolve offers for beginners!

I didn’t really “get” exercise until I was in my 30s. Finding fun, low-impact workouts totally transformed how I felt about what the point of “exercise” was. When I discovered Pilates at age 30, I realized how much one could simply enjoy the movements of a workout and benefit from all of the feelings that go along with it, too. I’ve had chronic pain in my right hip and neck-shoulder-arm since my late 20s, and until I felt the benefits of exercise in alleviating that pain, I didn’t even know it was a viable solution! Beyond that, feeling more capable and confident in my daily activities really feels like a godsend.

“Pvolve is a low-impact exercise system, meant to enhance your daily functions.”

So, when I saw my first Pvolve ad — who amongst us could deny Jennifer Aniston’s arms and verve for life? — I was immediately interested. The ad explained that Pvolve is a low-impact exercise system, meant to enhance your daily functions. This was exactly in my wheelhouse, and before cardio lovers click away, they do offer workouts to get your heart pumping too! The brand’s ethos of workouts for women and by women intrigued me, as did the scientific research testifying to its benefits. (On that note, yes, we can do everything that men can, but that doesn’t mean our workouts — especially pre- and post-menopause — should be the same as theirs!)

Get this: In a scientific trial looking at women aged 40–60 who used the Pvolve method showed increased hip flexibility and lower body strength; full-body flexibility; balance, mobility, and stability; and a better quality of life with lower fatigue. This is what’s so great about low-impact exercise — and Pvolve’s sticking power makes it that more much effective. Because the most impactful workouts are ones that we keep returning to — and with Pvolve, I do! Plus their emphasis on hip rotation and adding strength in areas that we use daily (ahem, my lats, which were killing me after moving some heavy boxes to a new apartment) means that you’re supported in the areas you need most. 

So, I switched from Pilates to Pvolve for a week to see how it would hold up against my beloved workout routine. Here’s what happened.

Order & shipping

I tried Pvolve’s signature package which consists of their basic 3-piece set of equipment — a precision mat, p.ball, and More on each of those below. All together the package costs $199.99, which includes one month of streaming workouts from their platform. After that month, it’s a monthly fee of $14.99. Honestly, this is so much cheaper than the cost of a single in-person workout class that I see it as a steal. A typical studio Pilates class can run you between $40–$60+ a pop! The initial investment and monthly fee for Pvolve are a small price to pay for the benefits.

My Pvolve system shipped quickly and I tore into the package the same night it arrived. Trying on the was a bit like Cinderella’s slipper. As I put it on, I wondered, would this become the new workout routine that I’d fall in love with?

Getting acquainted with the equipment

While there are more elaborate packages that come with other items unique to Pvolve (like their slant board, P3 trainer, hand weights, and more resistance bands), the signature package hits on three core products: The precision mat, the p.ball, and the Working with these was more than enough to give me a great workout — and it was fun to experiment with classes that used no equipment at all, too! Below are my notes as I learned to use all of the three core pieces.

Precision mat

The precision mat has a grid of 9 boxes, with lines, dots, and numbers that all help to guide you into the correct placement and posture. It’s nicely made and designed, and feels like it will last through many workouts. I felt that this, and the rest of the props, really elevated it from an at-home workout to something closer to an in-studio class. It’s not as thick as other exercise or yoga mats, so there may be times where you want to layer another mat underneath it. But, no fear, the Pvolve instructors will prompt you when this is recommended.


The p.ball comes in a fabric “cage,” attached to a strap that helps you place it between your legs for lower body work. This prop came with a learning curve for me. In my first class (admittedly, I was so excited that I dove into the deep end with a more experienced course), I couldn’t make heads or tails of how the instructor put it on so quickly between workouts. After backing up and watching more videos introducing the ball, I figured it out! The p-ball offers amazing added resistance to workouts, and I credit it for my sore inner thighs after classes.

I just love the design of these accessories — they’re right out of a hot studio class in Manhattan. They’re simple, but they pump up each workout and bring it to the next level. Speaking of which, the p.ball comes with a pump and a needle so you don’t have to worry about it deflating over time.

The is a cordlike resistance band that attaches with gloves. Word to the wise: I put these on backwards at first, so make sure you slide your hands in the correct way! They go on with the gloves facing up, so you can see the L & R designations — the material should cover your palms, not the back of your hands. And you’ll want to grip the resistance band between your thumb and forefinger. (Don’t worry, Pvolve instructors will all explain!)

In terms of learning curves, it’s a toss-up between the precision mat or the In my first experiences with the, I felt my shoulders inching up towards my ears, and my arms were always a few degrees off during the exercises. Eventually, this petered off. The is super effective when used correctly so it’s really worth taking it slow to go through the introductory material, build up strength, and work on your form.

The workouts

I won’t lie — I jumped at the chance to take my first Pvolve class as soon as I received my shipment. It was at the end of a long day, and I hadn’t anticipated a workout or left myself any time to get acquainted with the system. The movements are simple, but if you don’t get them right, the workout is less effective and you are more prone to injury. So, take it from me and start with some introductory materials and beginner workouts (even if you’re experienced, Pvolve is a system that warrants an onboarding).

DAY 1: Full Body Sculpt with Dani Coleman, 34 minutes

“Start with some introductory materials and beginner workouts (even if you’re experienced, Pvolve is a system that warrants an onboarding).”

For my first workout, I was eager to use all the equipment in all the ways — so I chose this full-body workout which uses the p.ball and All of the Pvolve workouts are helpfully labeled with pacing, equipment, and body focus so you can easily filter based on your preferences and mood. For pacing, “Ebbs & flows” classes like this one were my favorite and I mostly stuck to take those or “Slow & steady” options throughout the week.

I left this one feeling slightly overwhelmed and confused. Once I discovered that Pvolve offers a variety of beginning training programs — as well as other curated calendars focusing on different goals and offering new programs for each month of the year — I realized that would be the best way to start! So, I shifted gears.

DAY 2: Basic Training 1: Lower Body Sculpt with Antonietta Vicario, 24 minutes

After getting a taste of a full-speed workout with lots of equipment, I realized the best path forward was to slow things down and start from square one. Pvolve’s basic training series contains eight classes focusing on slow and methodical movements while explaining the thought behind each exercise. For me, this was crucial. Antonietta explained Pvolve’s functional fitness approach — which mimics 360-degree movement in our daily life, like walking, sitting, and reaching — and connected each movement to its functional counterpart. I could feel my glutes engaging while I Swiffered later that day.

“Pvolve’s basic training series contains eight classes focusing on slow and methodical movements while explaining the thought behind each exercise.”

This didn’t skimp as a workout, either. Each movement in this sequence had just enough reps to reach the point of a burn, without anything becoming intolerable. And at 24 minutes, it was such an easy and manageable addition to my day.

I felt great afterwards, and my hips especially felt super relaxed. None of the usual cracking when changing positions. It helped ease the pain in my neck and shoulder, too. And my friend told me that my arms looked strong in a photo. Quite a trifecta of results for day 2!

DAY 3: Basic Beginner: Mat Core Sculpt with Celestine Atalie, 14 minutes

I had just a short amount of time for a workout this day, so I opted for a 14-minute core workout. This class utilized a normal exercise mat and light weights, both of which didn’t come with my Pvolve signature set — but I had them lying around. I wanted to see what the quality would be like of classes that didn’t utilize their specialized equipment — and I wasn’t disappointed.

This was a fantastic workout which brought me just up to the point in repetitions where I thought I would need to stop — more so than yesterday’s class — but hearing “just 4 more!” carried me through to the end. So fulfilling for a 14-minute workout and my abs look sculpted after. A+.

DAY 4: Rest day

No one is perfect… I took the day off!

A person wearing a grey tank top and leggings sits on a black mat with white squares, holding black exercise gear.
I loved the classes, which could be as short as just 14 minutes, but still delivering high-impact results!

DAY 5: Basic Beginner: Full Body Sculpt with Dani Coleman, 27 minutes

For my last exercise of the week, I went back to the basics with the instructor I started the week learning from! This class was actually from 2022 — and had a different look than those recorded more recently in a new studio with beautiful natural light, and a newer version of the Pvolve equipment. But I was impressed with how much remained the same over time. It was enough that they still stream these older workouts on the site — a testament to their enduring appeal.

This time around, pulling the over my hands and placing the p.ball felt almost seamless. I could tell I was more accustomed to the movements as I naturally stepped into place without thinking. This workout left my inner thighs and upper arms sore in the best way. 

Is Pvolve worth it?

In a survey of over 700 Pvolve members, 94% said that Pvolve is a workout method they see themselves doing for the rest of their lives. And I can totally see why — Pvolve offers all of the best benefits of low-impact workouts in an engrossing system that offers a ton of support, even though you’ll most likely be doing it all from the comfort of your own home.

“Pvolve offers all of the best benefits of low-impact workouts in an engrossing system that offers a ton of support, even though you’ll most likely be doing it all from the comfort of your own home.”

Pvolve manages to provide a sense of community and growth that I’ve experienced with in-studio classes even as it is engineered to be a convenient at-home solution. For instance, every Monday they have a call for new members to talk to a Pvolve trainer — and to meet each other! And if you have injuries or are looking for more individual guidance, you can book a 1:1 session. For those who are more camera or phone-shy, you can also email [email protected] for help. All of this makes the at-home system feel like something you can truly grow and change with.

I’m obsessed with how Pvolve sets you up for success in your day. Over the course of a week trying Pvolve, I worked up many sweats (without any dread as I approached the mat!) and I felt the benefits in my everyday life each time. The gentle support and relief kept me coming back for more. The biggest takeaway? I’m already excited for my next class.

Ashley D’Arcy is Senior Editor at The Good Trade. She is also a psychoanalyst-in-training and holds a Master’s in philosophy from the New School for Social Research. She lives in Brooklyn with her wife and their Miniature Australian Shepherd, Rocky.

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