Summary: After a month of testing ROKA performance sunglasses during various outdoor activities, I recommend them to anyone looking for stylish, sturdy, and durable sunglasses that stay put during exercise and everyday activities. These are especially good for adventurous people who need prescription sunglasses.


  • These sunglasses don’t slip off your face when you sweat and can be worn for long periods without discomfort.
  • ROKA has lots of fashionable unisex frames that are suitable for various face shapes and sizes.
  • You can order prescription lens sunglasses in the same great styles, with the same functionality.
  • ROKA has a 30-day return policy and a 1,000-day (just under 3-year) warranty.
  • All frames are made in the USA.


  • These sunglasses are an investment at $200–300, but since they’re made to last, they may be the last pair you buy.
  • The option to switch out nose pads is an excellent feature to optimize comfort but I found it tricky to execute.
  • ROKA products are only available online, so you cannot try them on before purchasing. Instead, there is a virtual try-on option.

As a Florida resident who spends copious amounts of time outside in partly to extremely sunny conditions, I never leave home without a pair of sunglasses. The importance of sunscreen gets loads of attention — but protecting our eyes is just as essential!

Over the years, I’ve felt frustrated by the lack of good sunglasses to meet my style and function needs for various activities. In my case, I’m a fan of running, hiking, camping, and spending time at the beach or on the water. I even use prescription sunglasses for driving. My ideal pair has a tight grip with light frames for unincumbered adventuring, and polarized lenses for anything near the water, like paddling and boating. I never found my Goldilocks of sunglasses until I discovered ROKA performance sunglasses, which meet all my sunglasses goals and more. 🕶️

About ROKA

ROKA has been around since 2014, but the performance-forward brand has flown slightly under the radar until now. Born out of a garage in Austin, Texas, co-owners and collegiate swimmers Rob Canales and Kurt Spenser were initially focused on something different than eyewear. Frustrated by the wetsuits they’d worn to compete in a triathlon, they set out to make a better, higher-performing wetsuit. They succeeded and, at the same time, secured multiple technology patents when it came to superior active gear.

Two years after bringing their wetsuits to market, they shifted their innovative product focus to also include designing and creating killer performance sunglasses and other eyewear, including prescription and reader, blue-light-blocking, and even tactical eyewear. 

“The brand has proven that its stylish, ultra-light sunglasses are made for everyone — but especially for the most active among us.”

Although ROKAs were initially worn mostly by professional athletes who sought a comfortable pair of sunglasses that would stay put in high-performance conditions, the brand has proven that its stylish, ultra-light sunglasses are made for everyone — but especially for the most active among us.

The best part is that ROKA sunglasses are designed to transition from activity to lifestyle. And even though the company did not set out to make a fashion statement, ROKA sunglasses are on par with other fashion-forward sunglasses I’ve come across, with the bonus of being superior in technology and quality.

What technology does ROKA use?

ROKA is built on the idea that your gear matters when achieving your fitness goals. The brand continually researches and develops, marrying science and real-world product testing, to create the highest-performing, most functional, and most comfortable glasses around. They even test the patented technology with athletes worldwide to capture feedback from active humans competing in rigorous competitions. Because of this, they have solved some of the most frustrating issues regarding good active sunglasses, such as nose slips, sore temples, fogging, and more.

“One of ROKA’s notable technologies include the patented biomimicry ‘Geko’ fit and retention system, which mimics the sticky feet of its namesake and keeps the nose pads in place even while sweating.”

One of ROKA’s notable technologies is the patented biomimicry “Geko” fit and retention system, which mimics the sticky feet of its namesake and keeps the nose pads in place even while sweating. In addition, each frame uses Float Fit technology — designed to make the glasses super light and comfortable enough to be worn for hours on end. Goodbye, sore temples! 

ROKA also uses a C3 technology lens, which stands for color, contrast, and clarity, and comes in several tint options based on desired light transmissivity — the amount of light that is let in. ROKA lenses are anti-fog, scratch-resistant, and hydrophobic (repel water). There is even an option to upgrade to a Tryvex lens, which is lighter and more optically clear.

My review

A woman and a girl stand on a paddle board in the water.
My ROKAs stayed put and protected my eyes while paddleboarding with my daughter.

As I mentioned before, I am pretty active and even occasionally compete in 5k races. My outdoor activities include rollerblading, paddleboarding, running, hiking, trail biking, boating, beaching, and even jumping on a trampoline in the backyard. Sometimes I am alone in my endeavors but often have my daughters with me — so applying sunscreen, tending to boo-boos, and piggyback rides should also be included on this list! I was super excited to see how ROKA’s sunglasses would hold up to my lifestyle.

Choosing a frame was the most challenging part of my ROKA sunglass experience! With so many options, I was drawn to many styles and colors. I took the online quiz to help narrow it down and ended up with two personalized picks of styles to test. I chose one non-prescription, polarized option and another pair with prescription lenses to cover all my bases.

While ROKA does not have brick-and-mortar retail locations, there is a virtual try-on option for most styles. There’s also ROKA’s social media, which is chock-full of diversity regarding styles and the people wearing the product which can help you decide.

Before I get into my details on both frames, it’s worth mentioning is the ROKA sunglass case design. It seems silly, but with other brands, the cases that come with the glasses are either hard but too bulky or just a soft cloth with no protective value. ROKA’s case is carefully designed for form and function with a sleek, small but protective footprint that easily fits into the smallest of hip packs or easily in a backpack pocket. They also come with a soft case that doubles as a lens cleaner — win!

Lockhart | $210

(polarized, non-prescription)

I couldn’t help but be drawn to ROKA’s Bourbon color frame. It was just bright and different enough to be fun without departing too much from my usual style. On the practical side, these came with the Ranger Polar lens, which is excellent for activity on the water and road glare. I also found them versatile enough to use in everyday sunny or slightly overcast weather. The perfect balance of style with substance.

The Lockhart model has a nylon injected-molded frame that is lightweight and flexible but offers high-impact strength. This frame is said to hold up in extreme heat or cold, and it’s chemical and sweat-resistant — a significant plus in hot-humid Florida summer. ROKA’s polycarbonate lens is thinner and lighter than a conventional sunglass lens, which helps keep the product light overall. The Lockhart comes with stainless steel hinges that they claim will never wear out or need tightening, a bonus for active sunglasses for wear and tear. And so far, I’ve seen no issues!

The Lockharts have become my go-to sunglasses for almost every activity, and they look great on my small-face frame. While they came with the middle-width nose pads, I felt they were pinching slightly after more extended wear, so I switched them out. Even though ROKA provided a tool, switching out the pads had a slight learning curve and may be challenging if you have larger hands/fingers.

In the end, I wore my Lockharts camping, biking, kayaking, paddle boarding, boating, running, and at the beach for sunset. After hours of wear in all different light conditions, I never felt like they were digging in or too heavy on the bridge of my nose. I also love that I could wear these in the bright, sunny conditions or within the shady canopies of a Florida State Park. They were also great in that sunset and twilight hour when I typically feel like I have to take sunglasses on and off. Truly no fuss, and I got compliments each time I wore them!

Cambridge | Starting at $300

(progressive prescription with Trivex coating)

I love the look of metal-framed sunglasses but have never felt brave enough to wear them while being active. For comfort purposes, I figured it was a no-go. But, with a mixed material frame of nylon and alloy in a retro-inspired design, the Cambridge style proved me wrong! Again, this pair offered both the style and function I was looking for.

I chose a matte black frame with a graphite lens suited for bright and sunny conditions. These have barrel hinges to give them that classic look which in most cases would scream “high-maintenance,” but ROKA coats the screws for durability. The same goes for the Trivex-coated progressive lens — this is another upgrade that allows for style without having to be precious.

I opted for these prescription sunglasses to use while running and rollerblading on rooted trails and uneven sidewalks. At first, it took time for me to adjust to the prescription lens as it had been a while since I’d worn prescription sunglasses. Once I adapted, the clarity was incredible — unlike any other. It also took a little time to adjust to the separated nose pads. Still, I ultimately found them comfortable for all activities, including biking, running, hiking, and offering piggyback rides.

Besides finding these super useful for high-impact activities where visibility is important, now I can’t leave home without them for driving on bright, sunny days.

Final thoughts

I’ve tried several types of sunglasses throughout my life and often encountered sore temples and slips as I began to sweat or look down. I’ve worn sunglasses that were heavy and painful — and others light enough to be worn for a full day but need to be frequently replaced. ROKA addresses all of these issues with a stylish product that is made to last. (Bonus sustainability points for avoiding wasteful repurchasing!) These sunglasses are worth every penny, and I have no doubt they will remain a mainstay for me or for anyone who gives them a try. If you’re on the fence, ROKA has a 30-day return policy and a 1,000-day (just under 3-year) warranty. Chances are these could be the last sunglasses you ever buy.

Randi Donahue is a freelance writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida and is fortunate to live right next to a glorious nature preserve and a few miles from a white sandy beach. She and her family are passionate about nature, health & wellness, and sustainable living and believe the path to a healthy and prosperous life requires authenticity, kindness, and a whole lot of fresh air.

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