Compression boots are enjoying an uptick in popularity as of late, and we can see why. When applied to your extremities, compression’s noninvasive “squeeze” increases circulation, lymphatic drainage, and feels good too — especially for tired legs. Since better circulation improves overall health, fends off swelling and varicose veins, and promotes faster healing and recovery between workouts, we’re big fans of compression boots as an at-home (and even portable!) alternative to seeking out massage. To the runners, cyclists, weight lifters, or anyone with sore and tired legs — this one’s for you.

What are the benefits of compression boots?

These “boots” aren’t made for walking — instead, compression boots are soft, inflatable leg and foot sleeves that provide external pneumatic compression by way of inflating and deflating internal air chambers in wave-like motions. Compression boots can be programmed to activate the air chambers in custom sequences, fast-tracking fluid and blood movement out of tissue, through the lymphatic system, and into the heart and body. This is especially beneficial for those looking to accelerate recovery after intense endurance exercise or sports like marathon running. 

Compression boots have been used for years by athletes seeking a more aggressive form of compression therapy for performance enhancement and recovery during and after endurance sports, but they are also a fantastic tool if you are looking to increase circulation and gain relief for fatigued legs. Compression boots can promote faster healing post-surgery and relief from chronic leg and knee pain — plus, some models offer heat as well, which not only aids in the healing process but also provides relief and comfort from soreness and stiffness. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Our criteria:

Our editors have researched the top wellness products on the market — these are our picks for compression boots made of high-quality materials that are effective and affordable. We regularly update this list with emerging favorites that meet the criteria below.

  • HIGH-QUALITY & DURABLE | All of the options on this list are made of quality materials and meant to last through many recovery sessions.
  • EFFECTIVE | We’ve read hundreds of customer reviews and chosen only the most reliable brands to offer you an effective compression experience — so you can get to your next workout ASAP.
  • AFFORDABLE | This list includes options for compression boots at a variety of price points so you can find a great option, no matter your budget.

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1. Normatec by Hyperice 

Warranty offered
Integrates with other apps and devices
Science backed

Best For | Reliable performance
Features | TSA-approved technology, FSA/HSA eligible, seven levels of compression, patented pulse technology
Prices Starting At | $399

Created and patented by physician and bioengineer Laura F. Jacobs, MD, PhD more than a decade ago, Normatec is considered a pioneer in compression boot technology and is backed by science and testing. Although the Normatec line offers several options — including the portable Normatec Go — we recommend Normatec 3 Legs, which use seven levels of compression and patented pulse technology to deliver treatment to five zones. As the air compression system inflates, it conforms to your legs and pulsates using biomimicry to mirror the natural muscle pumps in your legs. Because it cycles through different overlapping zones, you’ll feel compression massage for better mobility and restorative healing. It also improves fluid movement out of the limbs, leading to faster recovery. Normatec uses pneumatic compression, which is scientifically proven to reduce inflammation and swelling and increase circulation in the body. The Normatec 3 allows you to customize sessions — targeting a specific area of your leg or treating the whole leg at once. And we love that these boots come in three sizes based on the user’s height.

Customer Review | “I have extremely tight hamstrings and legs. Whenever I do a lower body workout (of any intensity), it feels like ruined my legs the next day. This has changed all of that. 30 to 45mins in this thing a day.” – Christina F. (Read more reviews.)

2. RecoveryAir by Therabody 

Integrates with other apps and devices
Warranty offered
Size inclusive

Best For | Portability
Features | Hygienic, hands-free, Bluetooth-compatible
Prices Starting At | $600 

You may have heard of Therabody as the maker of the Theragun — but did you know they produce compression boots, too? With an integrated internal pump, Therabody’s RecoveryAir JetBoots are completely wireless and portable — plus, isn’t it fun to say you have jet boots? JetBoots, and all other RecoveryAir options, use TruGrade Technology to provide a more precise application of pressure. The purpose of the patented technology is to create a safer true negative gradient from the feet to the heart and back again in order to maximize circulation. JetBoots fully inflate and deflate in 60 seconds, which means they offer more compression cycles per session than other models. Through the Therabody App, JetBoot owners can take advantage of two preset programs — warm-up and recovery — or they can customize their session based on four pressure settings (25, 50, 75, 100 mmHg) and four time-interval options. Jetboots have four hours of run time when fully charged and come in small, medium, large, and extra-large for a more tailored and size-inclusive experience.

Customer Review | “I LOVE my recovery boots! I have been recovering from a progressive overload injury in my right quad/hip flexor That has led to an imbalance. These boots have been incredibly helpful in my post-workout recovery, and I’ve made much more rapid progress in my injury/imbalance recovery since getting them!” – Jane G. (Read more reviews.)

3. Air Relax

FDA approved

Best For | Stronger compression for recovery
Features | FSA/HSA Eligible, extra strong compression, air chamber inflation options
Prices Starting At | $585

The Air Relax Plus AR 3.0 is the brainchild of the medical device R&D company, Air Relax. The brand lays claim to 60% stronger compression than competitors, with four pressure level options. While new users will want to start with a lower pressure setting and build their way up, this is a fantastic option for those who have a longer history of using compression and take part in more intensive athletic workouts. With this extra power, these boots can also minimize the appearance of cellulite and amplify energy return, too. If you’re curious what the experience is like, the Plus AR 3.0 is a plug-in model with a large control unit designed to last when used regularly. It has four options for air chamber inflation, including “Progressive,” which fills two chambers at a time and works its way up, deflating the lower of the two as it moves on to the next. “Sequential,” which fills one chamber at a time until they are all full and then released. The “Full Massage” option inflates at once and then deflates all at the same time. “Target” mode is just as it sounds — designate a focus area and let it do its job there.

Customer Review | “Training for an ultramarathon got me my legs feeling heavy and achy all the time, but ever since I started using my AirRelax recovery compression system I have felt a significant difference every time I go out for another run. Which means my legs are getting the recovery they needed. What a relief! I’m looking forward to my race, and especially my recovery time with my AirRelax.” – Libby D. (Read more reviews.)

4. Quinear

Warranty offered

Best For | Pro-grade therapy 
Features | FSA/HSA eligible, pressure sensor, zip-up boot
Prices Starting At | $360

Quinear’s latest medical-grade professional compression boot system stands out from the rest thanks to its built-in pressure sensor, which automatically adjusts pressure values based on the circumference of your leg so users get the most custom compression therapy possible. This system has four built-in air champers and the programing is designed to move distally up your leg. The Professional Sequential Air Compression Therapy System offers eight compression intensities that range from 50–120 mmHG and 3 air compression modes which are sequence, circulation, and combination. You can set your sessions in time increments of 20, 25, or 30 minutes. This option is a plug-in, full-leg zip-up boot making it easy for on and off. The boots are made of an easy-to-clean high-strength fabric called Tricot Brushed Polyester and come in small, medium, and large. If you are looking for an intense boot system for recovery and performance advantages at a reasonable price point, this is a great option.

Customer Review | “Discovering an effective product has been instrumental in alleviating leg soreness caused by my job, which involves extensive walking and standing. After numerous attempts with other products, I found one that provides the necessary relief. This product features three levels, giving me a mini massage with each use. Its smooth fabric and hot air inflation ensure maximum comfort, making it suitable for all skin types. I’ve been utilizing it after long workdays and hope my endorsement will help others find similar relief.” – KN (Read more reviews.)

5. Aeria by RENPHO

Warranty offered
Budget friendly

Best For | Affordable, gentle compression for beginners
Features | Auto-shut off, heat therapy, easy presets
Prices Starting At | $150

RENPHO’s version of compression boots, the Aeria Ultimate Thermal Leg Massager, may be the most simple compression boot option on our list (while still offering heat therapy!). The Aerie Ultimate gives users six massage modes, three intensity levels, and two heat options, without overwhelming you with settings. In fact, one reviewer states they felt the presets offered to be  “well thought-out.” These models are made of soft mesh and adjustable wraps and are “one-size-fits-most.” The plug-in control unit looks to be user-friendly, and this unit has an auto shut-off after 20 minutes. Overall, this appears to be a great, affordable option for newbies to the compression boot market and those looking to use compression boots for comfort and well-being rather than intense sports recovery.

Customer Review | “As someone who spends over 16 hours in front of the computer and just wants a leg massage, this thing works wonders. It feels like getting your blood pressure measured, but around your legs, the tightening sensation feels amazing around your feet. Definitely worth looking into if you want to just sit back and relax—let it do its thing for you!” – Ghanshyam Nanda (Read more reviews.)

6. FitKing 

FDA approved
Budget friendly
Size inclusive

Best For | Sore knees
Features | 10 massage techniques, targeted knee heat therapy, free calf extensions
Prices Starting At | $150

The FitKing Therapeutic Leg and Foot Massager is one of two compression boot systems on our list that in addition to zoned, leg compression includes a heating pad designed to give your stiff knees a warm hug. If you need relief for your leg muscles as well as stiff knees, check out FitKing. The brand uses infrared technology to supply heat to your knee during sessions (choose between two levels) while the leg and foot massager system offers three massage modes, pressure intensities, and 10 massage techniques. While this is a “most-size-fits-all device,” FitKing does provide calf extensions free of charge to cater to a diverse circumference of calves. This is more of a gentle massage than an intensive major compression device, so it’s best for less intense needs for circulation and relief. 

Customer Review | “As someone who suffers from chronic knee pain, the added knee heating function is a game-changer. Not only does it provide instant comfort, but it also promotes relaxation and helps reduce swelling. It’s become an essential part of my daily self-care routine.” – Avalar (Read more reviews.)

7. Real Relief by Homedics 

Warranty offered
FDA approved
Size inclusive

Best For | Full-leg relief
Features | 2-year warranty, total heat therapy, corded controller
Prices Starting At |  $199

The Homedics Real Relief compression boot system is are full-leg boot that offers three zones of compression. Although most other systems have four zones, Real Relief sweetens the deal with added heat therapy. While the focus is targeted heat for the knee, there is a full heat system to warm throughout the compression boot. Homedics offers three levels of air compression and three massage therapy modes: pressing, kneading, and shiatsu. The Real Relief is a velcro cuff system that includes leg extenders to accommodate a perfect fit for users — and it comes with a corded controller that lets you change programming in the middle of the session if you’re just not feeling it. At two years, the Real Relief compression boot system has the longest warranty of any on our list, so you can be sure it is made to last.

Customer Review | “These are great for anyone who is active or has tired legs! After being on my feet all day, these massage away the aching and soothe tired muscles. The different settings are great for varying intensity.” (Read more reviews.)

Featured image by Therabody