Summary: The July AC unit is a welcome upgrade to bulky, dirty window units of the past. The design and install process is well-considered for an (almost seamless) and beautiful fit. The timer function and the air purifying filter upgrade push this into must-have territory.


  • The July unit’s look with its clean front panel and honestly swoon-worthy side curtains was a huge upgrade from my previous window unit.
  • I love the brand’s unique Air Purifying Sky Filters which cleanse the air of pollen, dander, pollutants, and mold/spores, turning the AC unit into an air purifier.
  • July is Bluetooth-enabled and you can set a timer on the app. Huge for pet owners who are on the go, but want to make sure their little ones are kept cool.


  • You’ll want to set aside an hour or two — and perhaps solicit the help of a friend — in order to bring in the unit, complete the install, and set up the app. For those less adept, there is a white-glove install option through July’s partner, Handy.

The AC window unit: I’ve lived with it. What else is there to say? I’ve loved it for keeping me cool, and hated it for how heavy, dirty, bulky, outdated, and impossible to install it was. 

And inevitably, after a few years of having a traditional AC unit, I’d think — Oh, isn’t there a filter in there that I should clean? Approaching with a slight cough, I’d realize that yes, the filter needed to be cleaned as it was filled to the max with junk. All of this I simply accepted, thinking that the standard window unit couldn’t be improved upon.

“After a few years of having a traditional AC unit, I’d think — Oh, isn’t there a filter in there that I should clean?

Then, I heard about July. Not only is it beautiful — it’s also eco-friendly, smart, and offers filtration that could even replace an air purifier. As a city dweller, and one who lives on the third floor of a brownstone looking straight out onto the branches of a big beautiful and pollen-filled tree, I could really use the extra protection from pollutants and pollen, both. Needless to say, my July shipment was heavily anticipated.


My delivery came quickly and was left on my stoop. The box was massive (to be expected, I suppose) and a helpful neighbor — thanks, Mike! — brought it inside our shared foyer. There the box sat for days while I approached how exactly to carry it up the two flights.

I later realized that the box came equipped with handles, and helpful instructions, which was a constant throughout my experience with July. Only, because of how the box was delivered, the handles weren’t accessible nor the instructions legible as I mulled over how to bring this massive package upstairs. 

Learn from my mistakes! (And if you live in a building with an elevator, you can just skip to the next section you lucky duck!)

After working up the courage to ask my helpful neighbor again for aid, I realized that by simply taking the unit out of the box, it would be a totally straightforward task. I opened up the box and pulled out the window unit and its accessories. Just like any other window AC, it’s possible to carry it up a few flights of stairs easily enough. In all honesty, worrying about how to get the very large box up the stairs was the most challenging part of my experience with July.


As I unboxed the unit, I was thrilled to see beautiful and refreshingly bright packaging of all the necessary accessories and instructions. I’m especially obsessed with the illustration on the box of accessories that includes the front panel. It’s a lovely antidote to minimalist packaging design.

Two notes: One side of my unit was slightly damaged in shipping. A fluke, I imagine! I only say this to caution you to be mindful while handling the unit as you unbox and install. But, this next one seems to be standard. As part of how my order was packed, the remote was taped down so it wouldn’t move in transit. As you can see in an image below, the tape left an unfortunate mark on the otherwise pristine design. You might want to keep some Goo Gone on hand to remove it.

Am I being more precious about it than I would with a standard AC unit? Absolutely. It’s just that, if you have a beautiful AC, you want to keep it that way. And July is a beautiful AC. Overall, I was delighted as I unboxed the unit and all of the accessories, and I couldn’t wait to get it in my bedroom window.


Admittedly, I called in some help for this part. Since it involved more than just sticking a unit in the window and precariously balancing it, this was above my pay grade. The report from my “handyman” (that is: my wife) is that the process was easy — and better than with other AC units we’ve installed in the past.

The ease of installation is due to the clear instructions and also to the way the unit is made. Securing July’s patented installation frame is the first step, and only after it’s in place do you slide the unit in. If you’ve installed ACs before, you know how difficult it can be to lift and balance the entire unit while aligning the frame and securing it properly. Installing the frame first makes it much easier to lift the unit in, and then it gently clicks into place. Lovely!

The only annoying thing is that the unit didn’t go in completely flush. The top part of it reaches slightly over the frame. This could have been user error, but it looks more like a manufacturing flub. It feels a little picky to mention here since we noticed this during install, but truthfully I otherwise haven’t thought about it again since.

If you’re not lucky enough to have someone in-house who’s willing and able to install your unit, you have the option to schedule a white-glove service through July’s partner, Handy. They’re even bookable for subsequent years when you reinstall for the summer months. Such a great, no fuss option.


Firstly, I love how the unit looks in our space. I’m especially delighted by July’s sliding set of wings, made of a waterproof vinyl material, that covers the distance between the unit and my frame. They’re semi-translucent and almost look like pieces of leather. While July offers side panel upgrades, including one clear plexiglass alternative, I really prefer the original! This is such a huge upgrade from the accordion-style sides attached to my last unit which were prone to cracking and leaving gaps exposed.

I also love how the buttons and display panel are situated on top of the unit, especially for nighttime use. With my previous AC, we had to cover the display panel overnight so the glare didn’t interfere with our sleep. No need with July — which is such a thoughtful design choice that also makes the look of the unit really clean overall. July’s magnetized front cover also contributes to this seamless look. I went with the white cover, but there are wood grain and other pastel options, too. You can even experiment with different ones since they’re available for purchase in the accessories store. Especially if your AC sits in close proximity to where you relax, eat, or work, it’s a real upgrade to have the clean line of a cover rather than the armature of an AC in eyesight.

“With my previous AC, we had to cover the display panel overnight so the glare didn’t interfere with our sleep. No need with July!”

As for how it cools: July comes in two models: Small (6,000 BTU for up to 250 square feet or the size of a small studio apartment) and Medium (8,000 BTU up to 350 square feet for larger spaces). My large bedroom is connected to a small office — and we only use one AC for our entire apartment — so I chose the Medium. My previous AC unit had a high BTU and I noticed no degradation in quality when I started using the July. It cooled the place down quickly, and I felt even better since I knew that my air purifying filter was at work (more on that shortly!). I found the eco-mode to be just as effective as the regular one, so it’s actually feasible to use for the majority of the time, especially once you establish a cooler temperature in the space.

A major perk of the July AC is that, in addition to the cute, small, blue remote, it connects via Bluetooth to an app for iOS and Android. You can operate the unit from your phone, just as you can from the remote or the unit itself. This is great for those who don’t want one more remote floating around their space. I also love that you can set a timer for the unit to go on and off without you there. (You can do this from the remote too, but the app interface is so easy to use.) Leaving a dog at home during a hot summer day just got that much easier!

“Leaving a dog at home during a hot summer day just got that much easier!”

Now for my favorite part: The Air Purifying Sky Filters. While July comes with a standard filter that sorts out lint, dust, and other larger debris (which needs to be cleaned as frequently as with other units), they also offer the option of easy-install air purifying filters with a MERV rating of 6. This means they offer protection from pollen, pet dander, wildfire smoke, and other pollutants from the air. With wildfire smoke becoming the new norm in NYC, this is essential. Set up the air purifying filtration subscription ($30 for three months of protection), and you can toss the purifying filters monthly. This monthly ritual offers a nice occasion to check the standard filter and make sure it is clean.

If you have allergies or live where smog or wildfires are a concern, the purifying filter add-on is a great option that allows you to run your AC without worrying about letting in dirty air. And installing it is as simple as placing it within the unit. The air filtration, and the fact that July uses a refrigerant that has 2/3 less emissions in their Medium model really sets the brand apart for me. They also offer an AC recycling program for any old, dusty units of yours and they offset your AC carbon emissions for one year post-purchase. I feel great about using the product — not only physically, but considering my environmental impact, too.

Final thoughts

Interested in taking the plunge?

“The benefits of the July are many, from sprucing up your place to functioning as a super high-quality (and smart!) AC to working as an air purifier, too.”

The cost of a July AC unit starts at $399, which you can pay in installments. If you were to get the same Medium model with a white front cover and a filter subscription, it would be $489. And since your standard AC unit can easily run you $200, I find the extra investment worth it: The benefits of the July are many, from sprucing up your place to functioning as a super high-quality (and smart!) AC to working as an air purifier, too.

After the July arrives, I highly recommend setting aside an hour or two for install, signing up for an air purifying filter subscription, and improving your air quality this summer. (And for those of you in walk ups: Don’t forget my tip about taking the unit out of the box!)

The July AC unit comes with a 30-day trial and a 1-year warranty to protect against any issues that might arise — but I doubt you’ll want to send it back. I plan to keep my July for years to come, and I’m already breathing easier.

Ashley D’Arcy is Senior Editor at The Good Trade. She is also a psychoanalyst-in-training and holds a Master’s in philosophy from the New School for Social Research. She lives in Brooklyn with her wife and their Miniature Australian Shepherd, Rocky.