Summary: After one week of testing the hai smart shower head, I highly recommend it to eco-conscious folks looking for ways to reduce their water consumption. It is in the higher price range for a showerhead, but it’s worth it when you consider the possible savings on your water bill in just a few months — not to mention the sleek design and dreamy spray settings which changed my showers forever.


  • Incredibly easy, straightforward installation – seriously it took less than five minutes!
  • The silver and rose quartz combo is the cutest shower head I’ve ever seen, it gave my bathroom a mini makeover.
  • You can switch between a “high-pressure stream” and “spa-like mist.” The mist setting has seriously elevated my shower experience. 
  • The app lets you know when your water has reached the optimal temperature for your shower!
  • Using less water per shower means saving on your water bill and helping reduce your overall consumption.


  • There’s no special filter for heavy metals and chlorine which I always keep in mind for the health of my skin and hair.
  • It is a bit pricey for the average showerhead, but not when you consider the materials that it’s made from and the average water and energy savings over time.
  • Some reviews claimed that the water pressure wasn’t strong enough for them, but I didn’t have an issue with this. Plus hai meets the max pressure that is legally allowed in the U.S.

Growing up in California during on-and-off droughts, I’ve always been hyper-aware of my water consumption. At the same time, baths are one of my favorite self-care tools, and washing my hair is a huge (and lengthy) endeavor. Even living in the rainy Pacific Northwest, I still can’t shake the guilt I feel for the planet when I stay in the shower too long.

“Called the ‘world’s smartest showerhead,’ hai’s smart Bluetooth technology helps to save water and energy for a more sustainable shower experience.”

Water scarcity, which impacts 40% of the world’s population, increases the spread of infectious diseases and wildfires, affects food supplies, and impacts air quality. Everyone should be more aware of their water consumption, no matter where they live. That’s what hai set out to do. Called the “world’s smartest showerhead” hai’s smart Bluetooth technology helps to save water and energy for a more sustainable shower experience.

The brand’s revolutionary product aims to transform your habits and rituals — beyond water usage, hai also turns showering into an intentional wellness practice, not just a daily necessity. The Bluetooth-connected showerhead allows you to monitor your shower temp, change into a spa-like mist setting, and it looks good while doing it. So, is this $199 showerhead worth the investment? Let’s find out!

How does the hai showerhead work?

hai uses first-of-its-kind technology to increase water and energy savings, making showering more sustainable. The system includes a detachable showerhead with two different spray settings — a “high-pressure stream” and a “spa-like mist”. 

“Customize the settings of your light display to change colors when the water reaches a certain temperature and your target water limit.”

The brand focuses on elevating the shower experience with its cute color options and rejuvenating spray settings. As much as hai concentrates on reducing water consumption, the brand is equally committed to creating wellness rituals and leveling up your shower routine.

Each showerhead is made from high-quality, stainless steel and easy-to-clean, mold-resistant flexible PVC hose. The Bluetooth base, which holds the showerhead, has a color-changing light display that connects to an app on your smartphone. You can customize the settings of your light display to change colors when the water reaches a certain temperature and when you’ve reached your target water limit.

“It uses a shower-powered turbine that generates energy solely from the water flow.”

Another incredible feature about hai is it uses a shower-powered turbine that generates energy solely from the water flow. This energy provides the electricity needed to power hai’s LED alerts and Bluetooth, saving energy and helping to offset the carbon footprint of each product.

hai makes two different showerheads, the WaterSense and Regular. While both utilize the Bluetooth system, the WaterSense model is designed to improve low water pressure while meeting the strictest water flow standards in the U.S.

These tools, combined with their easy-to-use app, help you monitor your water and energy usage, saving an average of 30% more water each shower. hai smart shower heads are compatible with standard wall-mount shower arms, but won’t work if you have another setup like a rain or rail shower.

Installing the hai shower head

When you first open the box the top says “It’s time to get hai” – hats off to you, hai, for the brilliant copy. Then I took a glance at the shower head and wow. 😍 While I’m typically more into earth tones, I also love a soft pastel moment. The rose quartz color I was sent is the most gorgeous understated baby pink, and it honestly just makes the whole showering experience that much more luxurious. If pink isn’t your thing, hai also comes in a bright yellow “citron”, cheery “persimmon”, soothing “surf” blue, calming light gray called “moon”, and a sleek dark “charcoal.” You’ve got options!

Back to the installation. I like to think I’m a fairly handy person, but following instructions tends to make me feel overwhelmed. Let me tell you that no blood, sweat, or even tears were shed in installing this showerhead. 

“It took me under five minutes to get the hai set up.”

The most difficult part of installing hai was getting my old one off first. Once I had it off, it took me under five minutes to get the hai set up. Not only do they have easy instructions in the box, but they also have a guide in the app that lays it all out for you step by step, with a mini video to go with each one — amazing for a visual learner like myself.

It was seriously as easy as attaching the base to my wall mount and then attaching the hose to the base — so simple!

Using the hai app

Remember the Bluetooth technology I mentioned earlier? Well, that syncs to an app on your phone — the same app you use to install it. 

The hai app allows you to set alerts and customize the light notifications on the Bluetooth display of your shower head base. Want to make sure you know when the water reaches the right temperature so you don’t waste water waiting for it to heat up? The app can do that. Trying to set a ten-minute shower limit per day? Change your settings in the app and it will be reflected in the LED light display.

You can use the app to track your water consumption and shower data for single showers and trends over time. See the average temperature of your showers, how many gallons of water are used, and average energy savings. Since you need the app open and near the shower while you use it, you can set up multiple accounts using the same showerhead so people can track their individual usage from their phones, as well as for the household.

Besides the sustainability-focused features, hai also has a “rituals” section in their app that features articles like “6 stretches you can do in the shower”, “Washing the stress away with a forest bath”, and “Bedtime wind down ritual.” We love a little wellness education moment!

Time to get hai

My first time using the hai showerhead was…let’s say transcendent. Can a showerhead really change your life that much? Apparently, yes.

Before this, I’d never experienced a “mist” showerhead before — and whoa. Showers will never be the same. It felt so relaxing, cloud-like, and like a more immersive experience than your typical shower (trust me on this). It’s also great for watering your plants, which I often do in the shower. The mist isn’t quite strong enough for hair-washing days, but the standard setting has no problem getting through my thick head of hair. 

You can easily switch between spray settings using the seamless slider versus most showerheads where you have to twist the top of it. I also really appreciate a detachable showerhead, for obvious reasons!

The light indicator is simple to use. It just changes to my set color for water temperature preference and my set gallons per shower limit. Honestly, I’ve been so relaxed in there that I haven’t noticed right away when the light changes color, but I’m trying to pay closer attention! While I don’t have kids, some user reviews said that the light indicator has worked great for getting their kids out of the shower without having to nag them. 

“Can a showerhead really change your life that much? Apparently, yes.”

hai also sells an “Infusions Smart Showerhead” and a “Fuse” attachment that you can add to most handheld showers. While I wasn’t sent this product, I’m tempted to buy it myself since I love using essential oils in the shower normally. The fuse attachment creates an aromatherapy experience in your shower when you use one of their infusion tablets made with different vitamins and essential oils. These tablets come in 100% water-dissolvable wrappers which is pretty neat. You can just toss them on the floor of your shower and watch them disappear!

Final thoughts

hai is merging the ideas of self-care and sustainability, because really, they go hand in hand. You can’t isolate caring for the planet and caring for yourself. Instead, it’s important to create a lifestyle that prioritizes both your health and the Earth’s. This intersection is what really stands out to me about hai.

I genuinely see myself using this product for a long time. It looks cute and I am so obsessed with the mist setting. I haven’t been using the showerhead long enough to notice a big difference in my water bill, but I’m sure I will over the next few months. 

“hai is merging the ideas of self-care and sustainability, because really, they go hand in hand.”

It’s a low-commitment purchase too. hai offers a generous 60-day trial period with free, easy returns. This gives you plenty of time to see if you like the product, as well as notice any changes in your water consumption over a longer period.

I didn’t know I needed hai in my life until now. I already have anxiety about showering in places where I can’t use my beloved mist setting. If you want a showerhead that creates a spa-like experience, helps you save water, and looks super cute while doing it, then it’s time to get hai.

Natasha Weiss is a Contributing Editor at Good Gear and The Good Trade. She is a Pacific Northwest-based health and wellness copywriter and full-spectrum doula. When she’s not typing away, she loves immersing herself in bodies of water, wandering through ancient forests, and anything and everything to do with food. You can learn more about her work on or connect on Instagram.

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