Summary: After two weeks of testing The Moon Pod, we recommend it to folks who are looking to up their relaxation game. The “zero-gravity bean bag,” designed to mimic the therapeutic effects of flotation therapy, morphs to your body for extra support and can help aid healthy behaviors that stimulate circulation and overall health. It is as comfortable as it sounds, and we love how it offers support for a variety of positions.


  • The Moon Pod is extremely comfortable and molds to your body, offering support in any number of positions.
  • Moon Pod and its accessories are super versatile and can be used for napping, working, meditating, watching TV, and any other way you like to relax. I even used the 4D pillow accessory as a bolster for my yoga practice.
  • Moon Pod is partnered with a manufacturing company that recycles unused materials for future projects. A nice eco-friendly perk. 
  • The covers are machine washable and they also sell a water-resistant outdoor cover.


  • The product is somewhat expensive for a bean bag ($399) but is comparable to investing in a piece of furniture.
  • The brand claims the Moon Pod may be able to help reduce symptoms of insomnia, PTSD, and anxiety, but there’s little research to back these claims up.
  • The brand only processes returns within 14 days of delivery, and they charge a 20% restocking fee.

The author on her Moon Pod
WFH but make it (extremely) cozy with Moon Pod.

I’m a pretty active person so when I’m not moving around, I want to be as comfortable as possible. I’m my best, most relaxed self and even a more efficient worker when I’m cozy as can be (preferably with my feet up). Most days having to hold my spine up straight in a hard chair is simply too much to ask!

Since I live to lounge, I was excited to try out the Moon Pod. The Moon Pod is basically an elevated bean bag — and as a child of the 90s, I’m well-versed in the world of bean bags. (R.I.P. to the silver bean bag in which I spent many hours watching VH1 and playing PlayStation 2.) Never again did I expect myself to have a bean bag as an adult, let alone love it. 

I’m sure you’ve heard of weighted blankets. Well, Moon Pod was founded by the maker of the Gravity Blanket, John Fiorentino — a man truly committed to comfort. Fiorentino is driven to provide people with tools for rest and relaxation in our high-stress world. 

The Moon Pod is a high-density “zero-gravity bean bag” designed to mimic the therapeutic effects of flotation therapy and morph to your body for extra support. The brand claims the Moon Pod eliminates pressure points, evenly distributes your weight across its surface, and actively targets high-tension areas to help promote breathing and circulation, in turn decreasing stress levels. Moon Pod makes some big claims about the level of support their product offers, even suggesting that it may relieve symptoms of PTSD, insomnia, and anxiety. I haven’t seen enough research to back that up, but I did find the Moon Pod supremely comfortable!

What is the Moon Pod made of?

Remembering bean bags of the past, you might recall uneven, hard-to-place filling that never settled quite right. Often they had hard seams and abrasive covers that kept you from getting fully comfortable. The Moon Pod on the other hand is stuffed with tiny, custom density beads and enclosed in a comfy fabric (with a removable cover on top of that). Plus the company’s beads are made to last for years.

Another cool perk about Moon Pod is that they’ve partnered with a fully sustainable manufacturer that recycles unused materials to be used in future projects. We love an eco-minded brand!

How big is the Moon Pod?

Well, since this is essentially a bean bag made for adults, the Moon Pod is adult-sized. I love this sentence from Moon Pod’s website: “Moon Pod is an amorphous shape, thus, its dimensions will vary. However, the approximate dimensions are about 50-56 inches x 20-24 inches x 20-24 inches.” If you’re thinking about getting one, you’ll need roughly the same amount of space as a lounge chair. 

“You’ll need roughly the same amount of space as a lounge chair.”

At 12 pounds, the Moon Pod is easy to move around if you want to store it and take it out when you need extra seating. It does stand upright so it can take up less space when you’re storing it. Although the Moon Pod is so comfy I bet you’ll want to leave it out all the time!

Note: The brand tested the product on a wide range of body types and found it to be supportive for people who are upwards of 300 pounds and up to 6’8” tall. 

My delivery & first impressions

When delivery day came, I was thrilled! My thoughts quickly turned after seeing the large boxes on my front porch. “Uh oh,” I thought. “Where is this thing going to fit?”

The Moon Pod doesn’t feel as big once it’s out of the box. As it turns out, the product fit nicely in my space. There is minimal assembly required besides putting the covers on — pretty neat for a full-sized piece of furniture. The hardest part was probably breaking down the big shipping boxes!

I was so happy when I saw the full set inside, including the Moon Pod ($399), Crescent wrap-around pillow ($185), Lunar Lift footrest ($185), and Moon Pod 4D Pillow ($119) all in Space Gray. The line may be a bit on the pricey side, but the brand seems to offer a lot of sales. (For instance, at the time of publication, the Moon Pod is selling for $299.)

I wouldn’t normally go for gray, but this one is neutral enough that it could fit into a lot of spaces, and can certainly be zhuzhed up with a cute throw blanket. The space gray color does give off a decidedly comfy air, as my sweatpants almost exactly match the chair. 

After some huffing and puffing, breaking down boxes, and putting covers on, it was time to get my lounge on. Let me tell you, the Moon Pod did not disappoint!

How comfortable is the Moon Pod?

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to lay in a pile of mashed potatoes? How about taking a nap in a cloud? That’s probably the best way I can describe what it is to lounge in a Moon Pod. In other words, the Moon Pod is extremely comfy.

“Have you ever wondered what it’s like to lay in a pile of mashed potatoes?”

My favorite thing about this product, besides the comfort level, is how versatile it is! When you lay on it, it conforms to your body, adapting to any position your body is in. Sitting, reclining, or laying back are all perfectly accommodated by the Moon Pod. Trust me, I tried all three.

I’d also recommend mixing and matching different accessories to choose your own rest adventure. I’m a three-pillow minimum kind of gal so I’ve begun using the Crescent on the Moon Pod for extra head and neck support. It only enhances the experience!

What are the benefits?

While other claims made by the brand may not have much grounding, there is one that does. Research has found that elevating your legs above your heart can help reduce swelling and inflammation, promote blood flow, and calm the nervous system. Now, you don’t need a Moon Pod to reap these benefits, but it can help provide extra support. Placing your Moon Pod adjacent to the wall can offer a supported version of the “legs up the wall” yoga pose.

“It’s a great meditation pillow for people with knee or lower back problems.”

The possibilities are endless. I even took inspiration from their Instagram page and used the ottoman as a meditation pillow. It’s a little too elevated for my meditation practice but it’s a cool option. I would imagine it’s a great meditation pillow for people with knee or lower back problems.

The 4D pillow on the other hand did fit the bill for my meditation practice. I’ve also been using it under my knees while I’m lying in bed and as a bolster when I’m doing yoga!

Moon Pod maintenance & cleaning

If you peruse Moon Pod’s Instagram, you’ll find people blissed out reading, napping, co-working, and generally enjoying their lives on the Moon Pod. They also have pictures of people using them outside by the pool, in nurseries, and — my personal favorite type of content — as a cozy spot for your pets. If you’re thinking, how do they clean their Moon Pods? You read my mind!

“The covers for the whole set are super easy to take off and throw in the washing machine.”

The covers for the whole set are super easy to take off and throw in the washing machine. The website says to machine wash them in cold water with similar colors and to tumble-dry them on low heat. I haven’t had a chance to wash the covers yet so I’ll report back on how they hold up over time. Another longevity concern of mine is how the material will handle cat claws jumping around on the Pod. Cats wanna lounge too!

It’s important to note that while they have pictures of people using the Moon Pod in nurseries, the brand states on their website that the product may not be safe for infants.

If you’re envisioning using your Moon Pod for outdoor lounging, check out the brand’s water-resistant, easy-to-clean, and protective outdoor cover which costs $149.

As for other wear and tear, the Moon Pod website states that they’ll send you more beads if you need to replace them over time.

Is the Moon Pod right for you?

A selfie of the author lounging on her Moon Pod.
Another Moon Pod satisfied customer.

Do you want to feel like you’re lying in a cloud while still getting optimal lumbar support? Then yes, you’d probably be a fan of the Moon Pod. That being said, it is on the pricey side. However, if you consider it as a piece of furniture, the price seems like a deal compared to many lounge chairs.

While I’m not personally a fan of weighted blankets, the brand claims that using one with a Moon Pod is a “transcendent experience.” If that’s something you’re into, then this could be a match made in heaven!

Another potential deterrent is their return policy. They only process returns within 14 days of delivery, which is a short window in general, especially for a furniture-adjacent item. They also charge a 20% restocking fee, which is steep. Just something to keep in mind.

All in all, I love the Moon Pod. It’s slowly becoming my favorite spot in the house and I can see myself using it for years to come! I wasn’t the only satisfied customer: Their testimonials included feedback like, “I feel like I’m in a little egg or something.” “You did reinvent the bean bag!” And my personal favorite, “I would definitely cuddle with my puppy on here.”

Natasha Weiss is a Contributing Editor at Good Gear and The Good Trade. She is a Pacific Northwest-based health and wellness copywriter and full-spectrum doula. When she’s not typing away, she loves immersing herself in bodies of water, wandering through ancient forests, and anything and everything to do with food. You can learn more about her work on or connect on Instagram.

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