We’ve personally researched the best rebounder trampolines on the market — these are our top picks for durability and easy storage at a variety of price points.

Have you heard of rebounding? No, it isn’t about your relationship status — it’s about optimizing your exercise routine. Rebounding refers to low-impact aerobic exercise that’s easy on your joints and performed on a trampoline, one small enough to fit into your living room.

A staple piece of equipment in certain gyms and workout studios (some studios are completely focused around rebounders — more on that below!), rebounder trampolines are light enough and small enough to incorporate into your home workouts, sans an at-home gym. And it turns out that rebounding has tons of health benefits.

Why consider a rebounder?

For starters, jumping on a trampoline impacts your joints much less than other forms of cardio, like running, making it great for folks who are aging or working with injuries. It gently works muscles like the abdomen, legs, glutes, deep back muscles, and even the pelvic floor without straining your joints. Since rebounding is a cardiovascular exercise, it strengthens endurance, and it also increases bone density and strength and improves your balance.

And these days, there are tons of rebounding workouts available online or for a monthly fee. It’s not all jumping up and down — you can perform exercises like squats and high knees, and then tip the trampoline on its side for assisted floor workouts. Sold yet?

Our criteria

Our editors considered durability, storability, and, most of all, sought to provide you with a variety of options when selecting the top rebounders for your home. You’ll find models with different diameters, colors, weight limits, firmness, and even different price points. Some have optional handlebars, some are foldable — but all are high-quality and have overwhelmingly excellent customer reviews. Read on for some of the best rebounder trampolines on the market.

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1. bellicon

Best For | Customized workouts
Weight Limit | 441 lbs
Prices Starting At | $599

bellicon deems their trampolines “more than just rebounders.” They also offer the bellicon+ training platform, an app that, with a monthly fee, helps you customize your rebounder workouts with hundreds of training videos, progress tracking, and nine different workout styles (from yoga to jumping fitness). And their rebounder trampolines are some of the best on the market — made in the Black Forest, the rebounders protect your joints with patented synthetic bungees that stretch up to three times their normal length. It comes in three different sizes, from 39 to 49 inches, along with endless color combinations, and it folds down to only three inches wide.

Customer Review | “Love, love, love this rebounder!!! So worth the money! Great bounce, sturdy, and great exercise. Takes very little to get my body in motion. Shipped well. Very happy.” – J. (Read more reviews)


Best For | Standing exercises
Weight Limit | 300 lbs
Prices Starting At | $350

Known for their LA-based fitness classes, LEKFIT sells their rebounder trampolines individually — but note that they’re best paired with the fitness studio’s online membership, which goes for $39 a month. Its eight legs come ready to screw on, making it easy to assemble, and the rebounder’s octagonal shape makes it easy to prop up during standing exercises, or to use as a grip during core exercises. LEKFIT’s online membership comes with hundreds of different workouts in lots of different styles — cardio, strength, stretch, and more — and they offer a free week to new customers.

Customer Review | “Okay, the LEKFIT rebounder is seriously a million times better than the average brand! Definitely worth the $$$ and the wait.” – Anonymous (Read more reviews)

3. Leaps and Rebounds

Best For | Free online workout classes
Weight Limit | 250-270 lbs
Prices Starting At | $300

A great sweet spot between affordable and functional, Leaps and Rebounds’ trampoline is built to last with a lifetime warranty and a 30-day risk-free trial. It comes in two sizes — a 40-inch with a 250-pound weight limit and a 48-inch with a 270-pound limit — and seven different color options. Rather than springs, their rebounder uses bungees protected with a mat cover rather than springs, making for a smoother, safer jump. They offer free shipping and financing, an optional stability bar for an extra $79, and free video workouts

Customer Review | “I’m in love with this rebounder. I rebound 5 times a week and this one is built to last. It has completely changed my workout as I was using one with springs before. They are not even comparable. You will not be disappointed with the quality or performance.” – T.H. (Read more reviews)

4. the ness

Best For | Seasonal online challenges
Weight Limit | 275 lbs
Prices Starting At | $370

Trampoline fitness studio the ness is located in Manhattan on the edge of Tribeca and Chinatown. But for those who aren’t New York-based, they sell their signature rebounder trampoline in a package with either one or three months of online streaming classes, which includes hundreds of videos on demand along with seasonal challenges and access to livestreams from their NYC studio. Their trampolines are perfect for rebounder workouts, with 32.5-inch jumping surfaces, three different firmness settings, and arched legs for better support while you’re amplifying your cardio.


Best For | More surface area
Weight Limit | 300 lbs
Prices Starting At | $490

ACON’s rebounders come with lots of different options — handlebar or no handlebar, black or white, hexagonal or circular — all backed by ACON’s 25 years of experience in the trampoline industry. Its hexagonal rebounder has a 55-inch diameter, making it one of the largest rebounders on the market, while the round one is 44 inches across. Their patent-pending smart suspension system provides a quiet jumping experience, and they provide great rebounder exercise tips at their YouTube channel.

Customer Review | “I purchased the ACON 55-inch Hexagon Rebounder in black. I am so happy that I ordered this bigger rebounder. It gives me more room to do a variety of different exercises. I am new to rebounding and love how I can move around a little more with confidence. The bounce is perfect and this has made exercising so much fun!” – J.F. (Read more reviews)

6. JumpSport

Best For | Affordability
Weight Limit | 225-325 lbs
Prices Starting At | $249

JumpSport offers rebounders for everyone — ones with soft bounce for beginners, firm bounce for experts, and even a foldable, portable option. Their 200 series trampoline is great for folks new to rebounding, with a $249 price tag, while their 350 pro rebounder comes with adjustable firmness for a medium or hard bounce, plus different color options. Each rebounder comes with a 60-day free trial to JumpSport Fitness TV, except their collaboration with Perspirology, which comes with six months of Perspirology at-home streaming.

Customer Review | “Worth every penny!! Great product! Very well constructed. Feel safe using equipment. Easy to add quick release bar. Workout videos are well done and I anticipate will meet my needs as I gain strength and endurance. Perfect addition to my exercise program.” – S.J. (Read more reviews)

7. ReboundAIR

Best For | Portability
Weight Limit | 300-400 lbs
Prices Starting At | $339

ReboundAIR makes three different rebounder models: Standard, classic, and ultimate. The standard model is best for at-home jumping, while the classic model folds in half and comes with a carrying case — but it’s still the same size as the standard model, and supports just as much weight. The ultimate model weighs less, supports more weight, folds down to a quarter of the size, and comes with a dolly for easy transportation. The rebounders’ soft bounce springs provide just the right amount of joint-friendly bounce, with a covered spring-to-mat connection. 

Customer Review | “It’s wonderful!!! I LOVE it!!! I’m so pleased to have this great way of exercising right in my own home, and I’m REALLY glad I have the easy-to-use half-fold … I know I’ll get a lot of use out of it, and my health, spirits, and fitness levels will all benefit.” – Anonymous (Read more reviews)

Featured image is from ACON