Let’s be frank: hormones are everything. These chemicals and glands — typically associated with PMS and menstrual health — are major players in nearly every function of the body. Which means they impact systems like sleep, mental wellness, libido, and cardiac health. And, hormonal imbalance can show up in the body in different ways, including mood swings, bloating, fatigue, weight fluctuations, and even delayed or skipped menstrual cycles in women

Hormones are intrinsically connected to our well-being and it’s critical to keep those functions in good shape. Where can you get an added dose of much-needed assistance? Consider turning to supplements to keep your hormones regulated and running smoothly.

Okay, so — you want a supplement that supports hormone health. Which one is right for you?

There are so many offerings on the market (cue overwhelm) and many make some rather bold claims. Our team has combed through brands, researched ingredients and formulas, examined studies, and read reviews to assess the five best supplements that are healthy, well-priced, and provide hormone health assistance. And, most of these supplements are vegan! (FYI: These brands also offer additional support around health goals like prenatal, hair, skin, and gut health supplementation.) 

What should you look for in supplements that support hormone health?

It’s tempting to get bogged down with supplement research, but there are a few things you should look for in a supplement in regard to hormone health. To begin, look for vitamin D as it’s known to promote healthy sleep, cardio health, and blood sugar regulation. Next up, add vitamin B6 to your wellness kit because it can assist with brain function, stress, and mood. Other ingredients to consider? Vitamin E (helps manage reproductive health and menopause concerns), ashwagandha (for mood and stress response), and fish oil (aka omega-3 fatty acids, for insulin sensitivity).

These top five selections are leading the charge with innovative options. Whether you’re looking for an option that focuses on the microbiome, sleep, menstrual health, stress, or menopause, there’s something out there for everyone.

Scroll on to see our favorite brands that support hormone health.

1. Seed

Best For | Microbiome support
Features | Monthly subscriptions and refill system, allergen-friendly, vegan, 50+ quality assurance checkpoints that meet US and European protocols (including cGMP + HACCP), sustainable and compostable packaging
Prices Starting At | $49.99 for a 30-day supply (per person, two pills daily)

Good gut health is central to hormone balance. While it’s widely known that the probiotic-microbiome connection is the pathway for digestion, probiotics (and prebiotics) can also aid in regulating hormones, too. Seed, a probiotic company that leverages scientific education, is blazing the proverbial trail. The subscription-based Daily Synbiotic is a two-in-one with a prebiotic outer capsule and a probiotic inner capsule (say that three times fast), and is specifically formulated with 24 clinically tested strains plus a polyphenol-based prebiotic that furthers gut function and barrier integrity. (Plus, it’s free from allergens like gluten, soy, dairy, sesame, and more.) Besides Seed’s systemic benefits beyond the microbiome system, the packaging is beautiful and sustainable. The planet-friendly Welcome Kit features entirely recyclable packaging — including a refillable glass jar and glass travel vial — and sustainable refills that are home-compostable, made of bio-based pouches.

Seed Review | “I found that Seed checks a lot of boxes for me. 1) I can take it on an empty stomach. I’m not much of a breakfast person, so that’s a plus for me. 2) It comes with a handy glass travel vial, so I never have to use a plastic baggie or miss a day when I’m away from home. 3) It doesn’t need to be refrigerated. 4) The company’s mission for sustainability continues with monthly refills delivered in a compostable pouch wrapped in dissolvable corn foam. 5) It has my digestive system feeling great. Bonus: Although the Daily Synbiotic is not a drug, nor can it make drug claims, my skin looked clearer, smoother and healthier within a few weeks.” – Angela Pares (Read all reviews)

2. Nordic Naturals

Best For | Prenatal care
Features | Monthly subscriptions, free shipping, non-GMO verified, transparent testing
Prices Starting At | $28.95 for 90 vitamins (per person, two pills daily)

Whether you’re trying to conceive or awaiting your baby’s arrival, a prenatal supplement is essential. Enter Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA, an omega-3 supplement that supports healthy pregnancy and a baby’s growing brain and nervous system. Loaded with a total of 830 mg in omega-3s and 400 IU Vitamin D3, these easy-to-swallow strawberry-flavored soft gels are recommended for a twice-daily dosage (one pill per dose). This nets out at about a 45-day supply with a 90-pill bottle. Got morning sickness? There’s an unflavored capsule, too. With one-time purchase and subscription options available, Nordic Naturals offers you a regular supply of supportive ingredients for conception, pregnancy, and beyond. If you’re postpartum or want to add omega-3s into your regimen, the brand has a host of fish oil supplements as well.

Nordic Naturals Review | “I found out about this supplement at the end of my second trimester. I took it throughout my third trimester and am continuing into postpartum while nursing my baby. I never got any fish burps — if I tasted anything, it was only strawberry, which highly impressed me, as many moms complain about the fish odor and taste of other prenatal DHA products. I love this supplement and it gives me assurance that my little guy is getting the omega 3’s he needs for brain development.” – Kathleen (Read all reviews)

3. Thorne

Best For | Period support
Features | Monthly subscriptions, ingredient screening, dairy and allergen-free, 100% clean ingredients
Prices Starting At | $47.00 for a 30-day supply (per person, two pills daily)

Thorne stocks 12 hormone-regulating supplements to choose from, so begin with Hormone Advantage for mood support, balance, and healthy estrogen. Formulated with broccoli and pomegranate extracts (25 mg and 100 mg respectively), the supplement is also jam-packed with 150 mg of DIM (Diindolylmethane) to help regulate estrogen. (Note: While this product is both dairy and allergen-free, it’s not listed as vegan.) And, like other supplements in this round-up, this pill also requires a twice-daily dosage. If you’re also looking to balance energy and focus, tap Thorne’s ResveraCel® which includes nicotinamide riboside to support natural aging and cellular metabolism.

Thorne Review | “Wish I knew about this earlier in life. First time in my adult life that my period “surprised” me. I didn’t have the typical anger, irritability, anxiousness, and stress I get the week before my period. Every woman suffering from menstrual issues should try this.” – Julissa V. (Read all reviews)

4. Gaia Herbs

Best For | Stress management, sleep
Features | Monthly subscriptions, vegan, soy, dairy, and gluten-free, purity-tested
Prices Starting At | $18.99 for a 15-day supply (per person, two pills per day)

Ready to add hormone regulation to your routine? Gaia Herbs is just the ticket. Balance begins with good rest and a good mood, and that’s where Stress Response® can be a handy support in this regard. The supplement features an adaptogenic blend that leads with 120 mg of rhodiola and 32 mg of holy basil, followed up with ashwagandha, schisandra, and oats to combat feeling run down or fatigued. If you’d like a little help in the sleep department, mix SleepThru® into your nighttime routine for a soothing restful sleep with an adaptogen blend (including herbs like ashwagandha, passion flower, and jujube date). 

Gaia Herbs Review | “What I love about “Stress Response “ is that it doesn’t make me feel tired or dull my senses. When I use this product, I feel an immediate centering, clarity and calm. Like a good adaptogen, it balances my system. The herbs in Stress Response are well chosen! I highly recommend it.” – Elle (Read all reviews)

5. Semaine

Best For | Aging and menopause
Features | Monthly subscriptions, made in the USA, soy, dairy and gluten-free, non-GMO ingredients, hormone-free
Prices Starting At | $42.00 for a 30-day supply (per person, two pills per day)

Semaine is the go-to supplement for well-rounded hormonal support. Their line includes a full spectrum of hormonal wellness supplements that can help at any stage of your health journey from The Daily (for every day hormonal wellness and mood support) and Balanced Cycle (for menstrual assistance) to Menopause Essentials (for all things related to menopause concerns, like hot flashes). The Daily is a comprehensive blend loaded with berberine, vitamin B complex, grape seed, passionflower, zinc, and magnesium for optimized support for skin, mood, and general hormone well-being.

Semaine Review | “Two months ago I committed to taking The Daily regularly to see if it would help. After my second kid my period came back in a very different way – acne, bloating, exhaustion, cramps. I felt like a different person. After two months I can say The Daily absolutely helped.” – Lena S.

Featured image is from Semaine

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