So many avid reader these days tote a Kindle e-reader. It’s no wonder: These nifty devices have a ton going for them. They’re a lightweight way to read books, and can often hold thousands of them thanks to large storage capacities — meaning bookworms no longer need to pack a stack of heavy books when they go on vacation. Not only that, many e-readers allow you to adjust the light settings on them and even mark up your books, if you’re the type to take a pencil to your margins.

But Kindle, the bestselling e-reading device created and sold by Amazon, isn’t the only option for optimizing your reading habits. If you object to shopping on Amazon for any reason, such as the platform’s questionable ethics, or you’re simply looking for different functionalities or price points other than those offered by Kindle, there are plenty of alternatives you can choose from. Below is a list of our favorite alternative e-readers and reasons why we think they make great investments. Happy reading!

1. Kobo

Best For | Memory
Memory | 8GB (up to 6,000 books)
Prices Starting At | $109.99

Kobo is Rakuten’s answer to Kindle, and allows you access to their book library available via the Kobo Books app on Apple and Android, and from the Kobo eBookstore on the reader itself. The Kobo library has six million books available, too, so you definitely won’t feel like you’re missing out. Especially since these readers come with built-in public library borrowing, which we love.

All Kobo devices promise weeks of battery life depending on your usage — the perfect antidote to your smartphone that barely makes it through the day. The whole range of readers can connect via Wi-Fi and USB, while more advanced models are also Bluetooth-compatible. All but the Kobo Nia come with ComfortLight PRO, allowing you to adjust the brightness and color temperature, and all come with TypeGenius, giving you a choice of 13 fonts and 50+ font styles. Kobo products come with a one-year warranty which can be extended under the Clyde Protection Plan, covering accidental damage from handling, mechanical and electrical breakdowns, and replacement of the reader, for two or three years depending on the plan purchased.

Kobo Review | “The best purchase I ever made! Now I read faster and anywhere! And Kobo plus is amazing!” – CF (Read all reviews)

2. Boox

Best For | One-hand reading
Memory | 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM
Prices Starting At | $139.99

Boox readers come in the Poke model, a compact, lightweight 6-inch device, and the Page, a more advanced device with more memory and page-turn buttons. Both devices run on the Android 11 operating system, support microSD cards for added memory, and feature adjustable dual-tone front lights. You can personalize your reader with various Android apps, reading via the Play Books or Docs app, among others. The Play bookstore carries all the books you could possibly want, so you’ll be able to get your hands on your entire TBR list easily, as well as highlight and annotate as you please. The Poke model is fitted with a 1,500mAh Li-ion Battery, while the Page has a 2,300mAh Battery for extended battery life. And Boox products come with a one-year warranty.

Boox Review | “Perfect size for one handed reading. Super easy to load books onto it and the battery life is very good. I love that the yellow/blue backlight is adjustable so you can set it to your preference.” – N (Read all reviews)

3. Nook

Best For | Special functionalities
Memory | 8GB memory; 5GB for NOOK digital library and side-loaded content
Prices Starting At | $99.99

Nook is Barnes & Noble’s version of Kindle, and you know you can trust an e-reader that hails from a bookseller. The Nook comes in a great selection of different devices. Choose yours based on your specific needs: for example, whether you have a limited budget, you want a reader that’s waterproof, you want audiobook or tablet functionality, or extensive light settings are most important to you. Since this reader hails from Barnes & Noble, you have access to all the e-books they sell. The Nook e-readers have a battery life of several weeks, while the tablet allows for up to eight hours of web browsing. Each device comes with a one-year warranty and the option to purchase an Extended Protection Plan.

Nook Review | “I love this nook. It’s super lightweight with an amazing display and it’s very user-friendly. It arrived three hours ago, and I have been reading on it nonstop since I set it up. In the three hours using it, the battery life has only decreased three percent.” – X (Read all reviews)

4. Remarkable

Best For | A tablet that doubles as a reader
Memory | 1 GB LPDDR3 SDRAM + 8 GB internal storage
Prices Starting At | $369.44

Remarkable is a super sleek, super thin tablet device with the primary function of serving as a state-of-the-art way to take notes; working on various projects using Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox; or generally using it for everything you would a computer. While this won’t be the right choice for you if your only goal for your device is to read e-books (simply because the Remarkable would offer too much), this tablet nicely doubles as an e-reader. One perk here is that you can simply import your e-books purchased from any retailer to the device. The Remarkable tablet boasts two weeks of battery life, and comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Remarkable Review | “Paper? Pens? Post-its? All history, I love my ReMarkable, already for years since the first edition. Never without it again.” – MV (Read all reviews)

5. Secondhand from Backmarket Co

Best For | Budget-friendly
Memory | 4GB
Prices Starting At | $50.99

For those who would rather not give too much money to Amazon, or who simply want a more affordable alternative to a brand-new Kindle, let us present to you: used and refurbished Kindles in great shape and at attractive prices from Backmarket Co. At time of writing, the store sells four different models of Kindle e-reader, with a choice of products in fair, good, or excellent condition. With one of these, you’ll have access to Amazon’s impressive library of e-books (something to keep in mind if buying from Amazon is totally off the table for you). Backmarket Co. offers a 30-day exchange policy, and a one-year warranty.

Backmarket Review | “I felt like a kid on their birthday!! it’s exactly what i need and i didn’t have to pay full price for a ‘newer’ one. mine does everything a new one does but the only difference is this one is reused. it came clean, connects to the internet good and i am in love!” -CM (Read all reviews)

Featured image is from Nook

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