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Dealing with chronic aches and pains or muscle soreness as you work to meet your health and fitness goals? We feel ya! Relief from those pesky pains can dramatically increase the quality of life and provide faster recovery after high-intensity exercise (or while adjusting to a new workout routine). Since relying on pain relievers and anti-inflammatories is not ideal for regular use, most of us seek simple, noninvasive, and affordable relief! Enter heat.

Why use a heated blanket?

Research shows us that low levels of heat therapy can relax muscles, relieve pain, and increase muscular strength and flexibility. Although warm baths and heating pads have been used for centuries, heated throws and blankets are a more recent and convenient innovation, delivering low heat levels for pain relief with the added benefit of keeping us warm and comfy on chilly days. These heated blankets offer a larger area than heating pads and maintain a consistent temperature which allows for longer heat therapy times, increasing the benefits.

Regularly using a heated blanket can relax muscles, promote blood flow, soothe aches and tightness, stabilize your temperature for better sleep, and promote healing from injury. And you can put safety worries aside. When used as directed, modern heated blanket technology is safe and effective. Many are also energy-saving as compared to heating pads — so you can also lower your environmental footprint!

Our methodology:

Our team has researched and tested dozens of heated blanket brands — these are our top seven picks for pain relief considering durability and maintenance, at a range of price points. We’ve included versatile options that offer a range of temperatures, heating zones, and power customization. Although many companies included below offer mattress-size options, we stuck with throw sizes, best suited for personal use and portability. Read on to see which one will offer a perfect fit for your noninvasive pain relief needs.

1. Warmee

Best For | Techies
Features | Wifi enabled, wire technology, machine washable (and dryer safe on low heat), three-year warranty
Prices Starting At | $249
Temperature Settings | Levels 1–5

“Alexa, warm up my blanket.” Warmee’s WiFi-enabled smart blanket can easily be controlled through the brand’s app on your phone, and is compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to adjust temperature level and heating time. The oversized throw can comfortably fit two at 60” x 70”, larger than all other throws on our list. The Warmee is made of soft, velvet plush on the front and back and comes in four colors, including a few fun ones like Ruby and Winter Silver Dot. Warmee uses Invisiwire technology made with steel yarn encased in a polymer material that offers high-temperature resistance, crimp-free flexibility, and durability — plus Warmee’s wire technology is impervious to moisture, making it safe. Reviews mention it’s virtually impossible to feel any wiring within the blanket. If you’re worried about cleaning your blanket, this option is machine washable. Bonus: By purchasing a Warmee, you are also helping this brand save coastal ecosystems.

Customer Review | “I got this as I have a chronic pain condition and the heat has been a welcome help. I love that I can’t feel the wires and it’s SO soft. Atticus has commandeered it too. Can’t praise it enough!” – MR (Read more reviews.) 

2. Sunbeam

Best For | Affordability 
Features | Wearable option with pockets, USB chargeable for 4 hours of use, limited three-year warranty
Prices Starting At | $75 
Temperature Settings | Warm, low, medium, high

While this is the least expensive throw on our list, don’t let that fool you. Sunbeam’s easy-to-use battery-operated blanket is also one of the most versatile. It can be used as a cozy blanket on the couch and as a wearable “cape,” allowing you to move about while paying particular attention to your neck and shoulders. The Sunbeam throw is made of a soft polyester microplush, has two spacious pockets, and has color and pattern options. The rechargeable 10,000 mAh battery pack uses a USB charger. It offers four hours of portable heat when used on its lowest temperature setting. It has a quick recharge capability. The Sunbeam is exclusively sold through Walmart and has a limited three-year warranty. This throw can be washed but note that it must be hung to dry. Due to its ease of use, price point, and portability, this blanket makes an excellent gift for friends and loved ones. 

Customer Review | “This blanket is rechargeable and also can be worn as a “jacket.” Quick charging and charging lasts around 4-5 hours!!! I highly recommend!!!!!!!” – S (Read more reviews.)

3. Zonli

Best For | Travel and tailgating
Features | Portability, all-weather protection, USB chargeable for 3 hours of use, free shipping, 1 year warranty, 30-day money-back guarantee.
Prices Starting At | $129 for the basic Z-walk 
Temperature Settings | Low, medium, high (104°–140°)

The Zonli Z Walk may be the most portable heated blanket on the market. This insulated, battery-operated throw is perfect for pain (and winter weather) relief during outdoor camping adventures or any other travel. The 50”x63” Z-walk folds up into 12”x10” within its own zipped case and is just 2 lbs for compact storage, making it easy to store in or on a backpack. It also has a pair of magnetic claps, allowing users to transform it into a shawl and back warmer when desired. In addition, it’s waterproof, stain-proof, and windproof. The 50” x 63” Z-walk is machine washable and comes in fun patterns and colors, including rainbows. You’ll also get a free 5000 mAh power bank, which offers up to three hours of heating and is compatible with all USB interfaces to charge your phone if needed. The Z-walk includes four strategically placed heating pads for complete coverage of core areas. Be sure to buy extra batteries if you’re unable to recharge while camping!

Customer Review |  “This blanket is so awesome and totally fulfills my camping needs. Drape it over your body and feel free to walk around. Very cozy.” – R (Read more reviews.

4. Pure Enrichment 

Best For | Combo of weight and heat therapy
Features | Instant heat, auto shut-off option, wide range of temps, machine washable, 9ft cord, 5-year warranty
Prices Starting At | $119.00 
Temperature settings | Four settings between 90°–105°

This throw from Pure Enrichment is the first of its kind with the dual purpose of a heated and weighted blanket. The 50”x60” blanket is described in several reviews as a “warm hug” as it boasts the benefits of warmth and pressure for extra relaxation. The Weighted Heated Throw comes in one neutral color with two fabric textures to enjoy — one side is a micro-mink faux fur and the other is a sherpa. The instant warming technology heats the blanket in seconds and has an auto shut-off option. A 9-foot cord gives it better portability. The Pure Enrichment contains 13 lbs of distributed glass beads that stimulate deep pressure and promote calm. A detachable LED plug allows it to be used for weight only when preferred. It offers a 5-year warranty and is machine washable. It also comes with a storage bag, although this blanket is pretty enough to leave draped over your couch or office chair.

Customer Review | “I absolutely love this Weighted Warmth Throw blanket! It’s the perfect size to use on my body for my arthritis pain. The weight is ideal and keeps the warmth directed on my legs without me having to wrap a heating pad around each one. The material is soft and comfortable.” – P (Read more reviews.)

5. Gobi Heat 

Best For | Extended use
Features | 10 hours of portable warmth on the lowest setting, water resistant, machine washable, 1 year warranty, military and student discounts
Prices Starting At | $249.00
Temperature Settings | Low, medium, high (116°–136°)

There is good reason that one reviewer stocks their first responder vehicle with this blanket from Gobi Heat. The 70”x50” Zens Portable Heated Blanket is probably the best option if you desire quality, portability, and reliability across different power sources. The Zen can run off battery power for up to 10 hours (!), while also offering a design that easily plugs into an electrical wall outlet for unlimited stationary power. Just note that this battery does take 4–5 hours to charge so be sure to leave time for a recharge before you head out with your Zen! This favorite of ours heats within 30 seconds, offers three large heating zones, and is water-resistant, moisture-wicking, and machine-washable. The brand’s color options sell out quickly, and only limited quantities are made yearly so don’t hesitate if you see something you like.

Customer Review | “We use electric blankets for camping, and this one is next level. Love it. It is also warm, and the design is high quality. Looks like it will last for years.” – NE (Read more reviews.) 

6. Gosun

Best For | Solar charging
Features | Water resistant, Solar or USB-C rechargeable battery for 6 hours of use, 1 year money-back guarantee
Prices Starting At | $149
Temperature Settings | High, medium, low

GoSun is known for harnessing the sun to power its products. While GoSun’s 57”x41” battery-powered heated blanket isn’t equipped with solar panels, its battery pack is designed to be charged with solar energy and used with the company’s power banks. This blanket contains dual heaters and is made of a thick, soft, velour polyester fabric that is water-resistant and easy to clean. This blanket has a six-hour run time on its low setting, but according to reviews, it takes a few minutes to heat up. The GoSun heated blanket has a one-year money-back guarantee. The 74 wh battery, which can be used to charge your other devices, as well as its cable, are included, and the blanket has a pouch meant to hold the battery. If you’re recharging on a cloudy day, no fear — there’s a USB-C option too.

Customer Review | It was slower to warm than anticipated but produced a nice steady warmth on high. For a 12volt heater for a sleeping bag or camper bed it will work great! I bought this to take the Chill off when traveling or camping the shoulder seasons. It performs better than anything else I have found!” – S (Read more reviews.) 

7. HigherDose

Best For | Detox and general wellness
Features | eligible for FSA/HSA, 1-year warranty, 30-day money-back guarantee 
Prices Starting At | $699.00
Temperature Settings | Levels 1–8

Our round-up wouldn’t be complete without a slightly upgraded option for heat therapy. You’ll climb into the 71”x71” HigherDose infrared sauna blanket for not only a dose of pain-relieving heat therapy but also for the benefits of an infrared sauna, great for detoxifying environmental toxins and increasing your heart rate. Thanks to the Higher Dose four-layer system, you’ll also get a bit of crystal therapy with a layer of amethyst and tourmaline, which are thought to naturally generate negative ions and fight free radicals. This is layered with a charcoal, clay, and magnet sheet to help flush out impurities, deepen detoxification, and improve blood flow and circulation. The last layer is the far infrared lights topped with water- and sweat-resistant nontoxic vegan leather. The Higher Dose Infrared Sauna blanket has been third-party tested as low EMF, making it safe to use regularly. If you’re curious, check out our editor’s full review of HigherDose!

Customer Review | If you’re looking for a sign to spoil yourself, this is it! I wish I hadn’t waited so long to purchase this blanket! It’s heavenly! Every time I use it I enter a level of relaxation I haven’t felt before…plus the amazing sweat/detox is incredible!! I love, love, love it!!!!.” – HD (Read more reviews)

Featured image is from Warmee