Summary: After testing the Daye CBD tampons over five days of PMS and period, I found that they almost completely stopped the pain and discomfort of cramps, to the point that I often forgot I was even on my period. They’re also absorbent, organic, and kind to the planet, though sadly this means that they’re more expensive than your average tampon. Still, this innovation in the period care space makes a fantastic, never-look-back investment for anyone who suffers from period pain.


  • Daye’s CBD tampons almost entirely got rid of my PMS and period pain during use.
  • The research on the effectiveness of CBD for period pain, though still sparse, is very promising, and CBD tampons are considered overwhelmingly safe for use.
  • The Daye CBD tampons are made from organic fibers, come with a sugarcane-based applicator, and are wrapped in flushable paper made from wood pulp.


  • CBD tampons cost quite a bit more than your average tampon, making them less accessible.
  • The packaging could be clearer when it comes to making sure people know to flush the dissolvable paper wrappers rather than throwing them in the trash.

Like many others, I typically approach my periods with a throw-painkillers-at-it-and-wait-for-it-to-pass attitude. By now, many of us have resigned ourselves to women-identifying people’s health being a low priority at best, and we’ve often learned to endure any pain or discomfort we feel without complaint. But it would be wrong to give up hope for relief from our pain — and thanks to some very cool innovators in the wider healthcare space, we don’t have to.

UK-based period care brand Daye’s new CBD tampon is one such example, an innovation that takes into consideration the potential of CBD in alleviating pain, as well as the ambition to relieve people who menstruate from the tremendous amount of discomfort we can often experience around our periods.

Daye founder Valentina Milanova tells me, “Creating CBD tampons was inspired by my personal journey to find natural and effective relief for menstrual discomfort. The idea came to me when I was researching the benefits of CBD and realized its potential to alleviate period pain and inflammation. Combining the soothing properties of CBD with the convenience of tampons just made perfect sense.” Thank you, Valentina!

Daye CBD Balm and packaged tampons on a gradient yellow and pink background
Daye’s CBD tampons and balm aim to alleviate period pain and inflammation.

The science

“The research is still too limited to prove once and for all that CBD is indisputably effective for alleviating period cramps, but there is some emerging evidence.”

Over the past few years, the marijuana-derived substance cannabidiol (CBD) — whether topical or ingestible — has been widely used to help people manage all kinds of short-term and chronic pain. Some studies show the substance’s effectiveness for alleviating dental pain and for dealing with and reducing the symptoms of arthritis, and others explore the potential of CBD in aiding sports recovery, among many other purported benefits. All of this is potentially linked to CBD’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Based on this knowledge, it’s not hard to hypothesize that CBD may also be beneficial for helping manage period pain in those who menstruate. So far, the research is still too limited to prove once and for all that CBD is indisputably effective for alleviating period cramps, but there is some emerging evidence. For example, in one study, women with endometriosis self-reported using CBD to help alleviate their symptoms. Excitingly, the recently published results from the Daye CBD-infused tampon’s clinical trial were super promising, showing significant pain reduction among the study’s 63 participants when using the product over the course of three periods.

Why consider Daye CBD tampons?

I’m impressed by Daye because of the brand’s commitment to both sustainability and their customers’ well-being. They take extra care to create products that promote both. The CBD-infused tampon, which comes in a choice of Regular and Super, is made entirely from organic fibers, and with zero plastic. Though the applicators may look like just more unnecessary single-use plastic, they’re actually made from sugarcane. And there’s more! The paper tampon wrappers are flushable, made from wood pulp, and dissolve before your very eyes when exposed to water. It’s kind of hard to argue with those credentials, if I’m honest.

“The paper tampon wrappers are flushable, made from wood pulp, and dissolve before your very eyes when exposed to water.”

As for the CBD of it all, the tampons are infused with lab-tested, medical-grade, single-supplier stuff, and contain zero THC (that’s the marijuana compound that’s responsible for its psychoactive effects, FYI). That means they’re designed to help relieve period pain without getting you high in the process. Also, the tampons themselves are extra-absorbent, so there won’t be any unseemly leaking. They’re also free from dioxins, pesticides, lead, and mercury,  which can all be found in traditional tampons and which can lead to health issues. Plus, the Daye tampons are also tested (successfully, i.e. none was found) for the bacteria candida, E. coli, and staph, which may be linked to toxic shock syndrome and other infections.

“CBD is anti-inflammatory, which could be helpful with period cramps.”

– Dr. Shirin Lakhani, intimate health specialist

Noting that we would benefit from more research on CBD tampons specifically and that they won’t be the right fit for anyone and everyone, cosmetic doctor and intimate health specialist Dr. Shirin Lakhani still says that they are overwhelmingly safe to try. “CBD tampons could be beneficial during your period as CBD is anti-inflammatory, which could be helpful with period cramps,” she says. “Everyone responds differently to CBD. Some find it beneficial and therapeutic, and others may not benefit at all.” But the downsides are slim.

As for any contraindications, Dr. Lakhani says, “There is limited research about the use of CBD tampons, but they are considered safe to use, as long as you are not pregnant (although you are unlikely to have a period), breastfeeding, or taking medication that could interact with CBD.”

My experience using Daye’s CBD tampons

Before trying the Daye CBD tampon, I primarily used regular applicator-free tampons that I bought from the supermarket. I didn’t pay much attention to any additional features they might offer, and didn’t spring for the organic options — which were often not on offer at my local store anyway.

In terms of pain, I would say I experience distinct discomfort in the two or three days before my period, and the first couple of days of my period, which eases off almost completely after that. I am lucky in that I have never felt so unwell from cramps that I’ve had to skip work, and that I experience mostly a background hum of discomfort interspersed with a stabbing pain every couple of hours that only lasts a minute or so.

While obviously none of this is ideal and I do end up feeling sorry for myself, I can cope decently well with a combination of painkillers, herbal teas, chocolate and ice cream. In the last couple of years, I’ve also been taking agnus castus drops (derived from a Mediterranean plant) when cramps come on, and I’ve found they help, although I often forget to bring them with me to work and the pain comes back a few hours later.

For testing, Daye sent me a selection of their tampons: Regular and Super CBD tampons, as well as Regular and Super “Naked” tampons, plus a selection of pads, a microbiome screening kit, a box of their “Proviotics” supplements, a CBD balm, and a cute tampon travel case designed to look like a tarot card. All of their products look very cute for that matter, with each tampon coming in a carefully designed pastel wrapper.

First things first, the dissolvable wrapper, which I tested out under the tap to better observe how it worked, is an inspired way to reduce waste (and it does dissolve in seconds). I was also happy to find out that the applicator was made from sugarcane and not from plastic like I first thought.

“While I was using a CBD tampon, I had almost zero cramping, pain, or discomfort whatsoever.”

I have taken ingestible CBD in the past and not seen any benefits from it, so I didn’t have high hopes (pun unintended but opportune!) for the Daye tampon itself, but I was hoping to be proven wrong — and I was! While I was using a CBD tampon, I had almost zero cramping, pain, or discomfort whatsoever. From time to time, I would get a dull shot of pain that would remind me I was on my period for a second, then disappear as fast as it had appeared. Pure magic, if you ask me. I ended up using the tampons starting the day before my period (in anticipation of bleeding, and to alleviate my cramps) until day four when my cramping had stopped.

In terms of the purely tampon-related functions, I didn’t really notice the tampon being more or less absorbent than a regular one, but I didn’t have any problems with leaking. Both sizes also felt comfortable enough when they were inserted that I could comfortably forget they were there, which is kind of the main thing, isn’t it?

The downsides & final thoughts

The Daye CBD tampon is a very, very good product, but there are two downsides that I picked up on. The first is me nitpicking slightly, but I think it bears saying anyway: I didn’t realize the paper wrappers were flushable until I sat down to research this article more in-depth, after I had already thrown some of them in the trash. While this is partially my fault for not reading up on the product properly, I do feel that the packaging should indicate this feature more clearly so that people who are as unobservant as I am don’t make the same mistake. People who haven’t been asked to review the tampons for work shouldn’t have to read the fine print on their period care if they don’t want to, frankly!

A small tin canister is open, revealing four different colors of wrapping around tampons.
The CBD tampons are about $1.38 each

The second downside is a more obvious one: The price tag. Now don’t get me wrong, I believe that brands should prioritize the health of people and the planet and the quality of their products over cost-cutting, but still, these little guys are expensive. They cost $24.99 for 18 units without a subscription (both the Regular and Super sizes are the same price), i.e. about $1.38 per tampon, whereas a pack of 18 Tampax hovers around the $5 mark from your average pharmacy. Sadly, that makes them inaccessible for a lot of the people who would benefit from the pain relief they offer.

“The cost is worth it for your comfort and for the knowledge that you’re not harming the environment as much as with traditional period care.”

With that in mind, if this is a cost that fits your particular budget, I really can’t recommend the Daye CBD tampons enough: The cost is worth it for your comfort and for the knowledge that you’re not harming the environment as much as with traditional period care. Besides, Daye also offers monthly, three-month, and 12-month subscription options which lower the overall cost slightly.

As for me, I still have a few tampons left from my shipment, but I have a sneaking suspicion I’ll be ordering more once I run out.

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