Health tech has made it possible for you to gain key insights about your body, especially when it comes to reproductive health. But traditional fertility testing can be time-consuming and expensive, making it harder for us to get this crucial information about our bodies. 

“There is a growing market of fertility testing companies that offer at-home services for convenient, affordable, fast, and accurate results on female and male fertility.”

Although it can be difficult to navigate, fertility doesn’t need to be a mystery. Similar to the popularity of online birth control, there is a growing market of fertility testing companies that offer at-home services for convenient, affordable, fast, and accurate results on female and male fertility. At-home tests eliminate trips to the doctor’s office, lab visits, and in-person follow-up appointments while also giving you the privacy of doing them from your own home. Not to mention they tend to be a whole lot more affordable than going to a fertility clinic or repeated doctors appointments.

We’ve rounded up five of the best at-home fertility tests on the market to help make your fertility journey a little easier! But first, a quick lesson on how these tests work.

How do at-home fertility tests work?

Depending on the type of test and which company you choose, you will be asked to collect either a urine, semen, or blood (from a finger-prick) sample. 

The most common hormones that female fertility tests usually test for are estrogen, luteinizing hormone (LH), and progesterone (PDG). Luteinizing Hormone regulates the length of your cycle and helps facilitate ovulation by triggering the release of an egg from the ovary. Estrogen levels fluctuate throughout the menstrual cycle and testing for it can help to determine your fertility window as well as any hormonal imbalances, while low progesterone levels can be indicative of female infertility.

Male fertility tests usually look at different sperm health factors including the volume in a sample, how many million sperm per mL, the total amount of sperm in a sample, how sperm are swimming, and sperm morphology (how they’re shaped). Male-bodied people may also want a complete hormone panel that tests for testosterone, prolactin, and Free Androgen Index (FAI). Imbalances in these hormones can impact fertility and lead to symptoms like mental health issues, low libido, and high blood pressure. 

Fertility testing isn’t just about planning for pregnancy. Many of these companies offer comprehensive hormonal tests that can give you an inside look into your health. Besides fertility, hormones also play a role in energy levels, metabolism, menopause, and a number of other biological processes. 

Check out our recommendations for at-home fertility tests below!

1. Ro Co (Modern Fertility) 

Best For | Birth control users
Features | FSA/HSA reimbursable, support from a fertility nurse, customizable
Results Available In | 10 days
Prices Starting At | $179

Ro, who recently acquired Modern Fertility, offers customizable hormone tests along with ovulation tests, sperm tests, and other reproductive health tools. Their female fertility test is done by collecting a blood sample through a finger prick. 

This test looks at a wide range of hormones including anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) which can show ovarian reserve, thyroid-stimulating hormone, and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). Their comprehensive test is the same one you would get from a reproductive endocrinologist, for a fraction of the price as mentioned in our editor’s review.

What sets Ro apart is that they can customize your test based on whether or not you’re using hormonal birth control. This allows you to get answers about your fertility without having to go off HBC. Ro can give you insight into your egg reserve, thyroid health, potential fertility red flags, and the estimated amount of eggs that could be retrieved during in vitro fertilization (IVF). 

The full hormone panel costs $179 and is typically only done once, but can be repeated if you face future fertility issues. Their support team of fertility nurses is there to answer any questions you may have. 

2. Fellow

Best For | Post vasectomy or post-reversal 
| Privacy assured, CLIA certified, physician-reviewed results
Results Available In
| Within 52 hours of sample delivery
Prices Starting At | $189

This next option is for male-bodied people who want a better look at their sperm health. While most of the responsibility usually gets put on the woman or gestational partner, sperm health is 50% of the picture when it comes to conception.

Fellow prides themselves on the accuracy of their tests and that they exceed current FDA standards for validated semen analysis methods. You provide the sample from the comfort of your own home and safely ship it in a preservation solution. Results are analyzed in a 

California-based bio lab and are available in two business days. They test for normal sperm and semen parameters like volume and morphology. You can scroll back up to the intro if you need a refresher!

Typically a one-time test, the semen analysis costs $189, and an additional $140 a year for cryopreservation of your most fertile sperm. Another great service that Fellow offers is a vasectomy test which allows you to see if a recent vasectomy or a reversal was successful. For $139, this test also has a rapid-fire turnaround time of results in 1.5 days after the lab receives your sample. Fellow covers the cost of overnight shipping for Full Semen Analysis kits to ensure rapid delivery.

3. Mira

Best For | Irregular cycles or PCOS
| HSA/FSA reimbursable, numeric fertility scores, 99% lab-grade accuracy
Results Available In
| 21 minutes
Prices Starting At | $199–$229

Mira is on a mission to put the power of science in your hands. They offer a wide range of fertility tests that are designed to be used with their revolutionary Mira Analyzer. The device uses immunofluorescent technology, just like fertility labs, with a built-in chip in the sample wands to prevent inconsistencies.

Designed to help you pinpoint your fertile window, they offer a variety of wands that test for different female fertility hormones to help paint a picture of your fertility. A urine sample is collected using the wands before being placed in the analyzer. After 21 minutes your results will sync from the analyzer to an app on your phone. The analyzer only needs to be purchased once for $199, but you will need to buy more testing wands for as long as you need information on your fertility. 

Mira offers five different types of testing wands: 

Reproductive health issues are all too common. Mira can even help predict your ovulation window if you have irregular cycles or PCOS. They offer three bundles so you can decide what’s best for you: ovulation prediction, a picture of your complete fertility, or a bundle with more wands for people with irregular cycles or PCOS. 

4. Legacy

Best For | Inclusive fertility testing
| Overnight shipping, clinic-grade sperm analysis, on-call fertility advisor, data-driven lifestyle recommendations
Results Available In
| 2 business days
Prices Starting At | $295–$2,995

Legacy is marketed as a fertility testing service for anyone who produces sperm, meaning they pride themselves on inclusivity and accessibility. Their services can be used for people who are starting gender affirmation therapy, are planning to have a vasectomy, before undergoing chemotherapy, or military members and veterans. 

Male fertility is rapidly declining globally thanks to environmental factors. Legacy wants to give people with sperm options so that you can be proactive about parenthood, even if it’s far off. They offer analysis tests to gauge the health of semen, along with the option of sperm storage for $145 a year. Semen tests examine key metrics of sperm health including semen volume, sperm concentration, sperm motility, total motile sperm count, sperm morphology, and a post-thaw analysis to see if you’re a good candidate for cryopreservation.

People undergoing a medical procedure that could impact their fertility or are planning on doing fertility treatments can opt for one of Legacy’s bundles. The “For Tomorrow Bundle” for fertility treatments includes two semen analyses, an STI test, and five years of storage for two samples. If you are undergoing a medical procedure, you can plan ahead with the “Forever Bundle” which includes three semen analyses, one DNA fragmentation analysis, an STI test, and lifetime storage for three semen samples.

Legacy has their customers’ backs every step of the way. They prioritize your privacy by encrypting data and for those that opt for sperm storage, they split your samples between two banks in separate cities in the chance of a natural disaster.

5. LetsGetChecked

Best For | Female and male fertility
| Personalized online dashboard, discreet packaging, 24/7 support via their app
Results Available In
| 2-5 business days
Prices Starting At | $99-$199

LetsGetChecked offers the widest selection of fertility tests and tools on this list for both male and female-bodied people. Remember that conception is a two-way stress, and if you’re having fertility issues or just want a closer look at what’s happening in your body, it’s important to be proactive about male and female reproductive health.

Their goal is to offer tailored reproductive healthcare from the convenience of your own home. The type of sample collected depends on what you’re testing for.  For female fertility, they offer a progesterone test, a female hormone test, and an ovarian reserve test. Males looking for a better look into their fertility can choose from a testosterone test, a male hormone advanced test, and a male hormone complete panel.If you’re unsure where to start, they offer virtual consultations to take the guesswork out of fertility testing. LetsGetChecked doesn’t just focus on fertility but on overall hormonal health and addressing any symptoms that can come from imbalances.

Featured image is from Legacy