Summary: After 30 days of testing, we highly recommend AG1, formerly Athletic Greens, as a daily supplement. It’s the best way to get in our greens, vitamins, and pre/probiotics, and it actually tastes good! The main drawback is the cost.


  • Certifications: AG1 is NSF-Certified, which means it’s been tested by a trusted independent certification organization. NSF also certifies that the brand lives up to its claims, which include being free from GMOs, artificial colors/flavors/preservatives, gluten, dairy, corn, lactose, and animal ingredients
  • Taste: AG1 tastes great, unlike many “green” drinks. It has a refreshing citrus taste and blends wonderfully with smoothies or water (it’s not grainy)
  • Impact: After 30 days, I’ve noticed more energy, better sleep, better digestion, and improved immunity 
  • Accessibility: The supplement makes it easy to get in 75-high quality vitamins and minerals into your daily diet. With monthly subscription options, it’s easy for people of different lifestyles and abilities to incorporate into their routine


  • There are no trial packs. You have to purchase a 30-day supply to test out
  • Shipping is $9

It feels embarrassing to admit, but I’ve always struggled to get enough greens into my daily diet. It seems I should have this figured out by now—did anyone else think 30 years old was the magic age for when cooking becomes easy? But between my busy schedule, my preference for caffeine and carbs, and a tiny apartment kitchen, I just don’t cook or eat as much produce as I’d like. This video of swapping out bags of spinach is actually me.

It’s probably not surprising then that I was very intrigued when I first learned about AG1, formerly Athletic Greens. Like all good things, I learned about the supplement brand from the Andrew Huberman podcast — the man could tell me to eat dirt for nutrition and I’d try it. Thankfully though, AG1 tastes much better than dirt, and it boasts an impressive nutrition label too. More on that below.

First, a bit of background about the brand that has infiltrated social media feeds everywhere. (Serious kudos to whoever runs remarketing campaigns over there). If you’re not familiar with the company, it’s a daily green drink packed with vitamins, minerals, and probiotics. 

The brand was founded by Chris Ashenden in 2010 after he discovered his body wasn’t absorbing nutrients, despite knowing a lot about health and nutrition. At the time, his only solution was to start taking handfuls of different supplements — not ideal — which is how the idea for an all-in-one option came to life. 

AG1 Ingredients—And Why They Matter

AG1 offers users comprehensive nutrition and gut health in one simple scoop of green powder. Each serving, which can be mixed with water or into your favorite smoothie, includes 75 high-quality vitamins and minerals, superfood complexes, probiotics, antioxidants, enzymes, and much more. The company continues to evolve its formula, too, working with top doctors, naturopaths, nutritionists, and flavor experts to improve with the latest science. AG1 is currently on its 52nd iteration and will continue to evolve with feedback and as new studies are published. 

Speaking of science, the company is backed by the best of the best. While not FDA-approved (the FDA doesn’t regulate dietary supplements), AG1 is NSF-Certified, which means it’s been tested by a trusted independent certification organization. NSF also certifies that the brand lives up to its claims, which include being free from GMOs, artificial colors/flavors/preservatives, gluten, dairy, corn, lactose, and animal ingredients. (You can read the full list here.)

Shipping & Delivery 

AG1 is only available on the website (there are other brands called “Athletic Greens” on Amazon, so make sure you buy directly from the website). When you sign up, you’re given options of purchasing travel packs (perfect for on-the-go), a one-time pouch (good for testing it out if you’re on the fence), or a subscription/starter kit, which I recommend since it’s discounted. The starter kit comes with a 30- or 60-day supply, a bottle, a metal scoop, and a metal canister for storing your AG1 in the fridge, which is necessary once the pouch is unsealed to keep the probiotics and digestive enzymes alive and potent. The brand also throws in some travel packs and additional vitamins from time to time. 

The price breakdown for each option:

Monthly subscription: 30-day supply — $79 a month ($2.63 per serving)

Double subscription: 60-day supply — $149 a month ($2.48 per serving)

One-time pouch: 30-day supply — $99

Travel packs: $109 for 30 packets with discounted subscription options

Of course, whenever testing out a new supplement or product, there’s hesitation about quality and whether or not you’ll like what you buy. AG1 has a 90-day money-back guarantee if you’re at all unhappy or dissatisfied with your order.

An image of the bag of AG1, the canister, metal scoop, and bottle that comes with the first purchase
The subscription starter kit comes with a storage canister, spoon, bottle, and of course — your first bag of AG1!

How does AG1 taste, and does it work? 

Okay, all of that sounds great, but does AG1 taste good, and does it make you feel better? The short answer is yes to both. 

I’m always skeptical when trying new health products, especially drinks — I’ve had too many nasty-tasting shakes in my lifetime — but AG1 tastes wonderful. I prefer drinking it as prescribed, mixed in with 8 ounces of cold water. But I’ve also mixed it into smoothies.

On its own, the drink is refreshing and a bit citrusy. It mixes easily with water, so there isn’t a grainy texture. It’s a small enough beverage that I can drink AG1 while making breakfast and brewing coffee. It’s a great way to start the morning and leaves me feeling hydrated, though not full — the drink isn’t heavy like a shake and isn’t meant to be a meal replacement.

As for the claims about feeling better: AG1 actually works. After 30 days with the supplement, I felt more energized and less bloated. My digestion has improved (thanks to the pre and probiotics), and I haven’t been sick or experienced my regular seasonal allergies. The addition of gut-supportive probiotics is also crucial for me right now as I’m on some other supplements and medications for fertility treatments, which can wreak havoc on hormones and the digestive system. I truly believe AG1 is why I haven’t noticed any negative impacts. And it keeps me regular, if you know what I mean.

Final Thoughts

All in all, AG1 makes me feel good about how I’m caring for my body, but mostly I love that it reminds me to make decisions that positively impact my wellbeing and health. Jumpstarting my day with tons of vitamins and supplements encourages me to make positive daily choices, like moving my body, hydrating, and getting adequate sleep. Especially on days when I can’t get enough greens or produce in my diet, I know I’m still supporting myself with this drink. 

This leads to a few other things I love about AG1. The brand cares about sustainability and giving back, in addition to creating a product that supports health and wellness. In 2022, AG1 supported the National Black Child Development Institute, World Central Kitchen, and the Los Angeles LGBTQ+ Center. Most recently, they discontinued their plastic scoop (replacing it with metal) as part of their sustainable supplements commitment, and the brand calculates and offsets emissions (every flight, every shipment, every product manufactured) to receive Climate Neutral Certification.

While the price point is steep at first glance, AG1 actually saves on other vitamins and supplements, making it a more cost-effective option and a long-term investment in your health. 

As always, consult your doctor before adding supplements to your diet. While AG1 is safe for pregnancy, the brand recommends consulting your healthcare providers before consuming.

Kayti Christian is a Contributing Editor at Good Gear and The Good Trade. She was formerly Managing Editor at The Good Trade. She has a Master’s in Nonfiction Writing from the University of London and is the creator of Feelings Not Aside, a newsletter for sensitive people.

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